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TODAY Saturday 4/13: Taproom CLOSING EARLY 6pm | SOLD OUT Show 7pm | Doors Open 6:30pm

Brewery Hours:
OPEN Sun 12-6pm & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA


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Anne Bonny’s Bounty

January 29, 2018
Cape Cod Beer Rum Barrel Aged Stout

OG: 16.7°P   ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 42

Availability: February 5, 2018 – until gone

Style: Barrel AgedOatmeal Stout

Description: Smooth & Spirited

**Anne Bonny, notorious pirate, was renowned for her strength & boldness. It seemed a fitting moniker for this barrel aged brew. We took our popular ‘Float Your Boatmeal Stout’ and aged it in Twenty Boat Rum Barrels from South Hollow Spirits. The bold  scent of spirits sails on the aroma. Bright and smooth, the malty flavors of the beer are perfectly complemented by the strong & slightly sweet tones of rum.

Malts: (German & English) Pale, Cara malt, Crystal 45 , Crystal 65, Crystal 90, Crystal 120, Chocolate, Roasted Barley and flaked Oats.

Hops: (Domestic) Northern Brewer and Willamette

Packaging (subject to availability): 750 ml. bottles only at the brewery

**Who Was Anne Bonny?

Anne Bonny’s exact dates of birth & death are unknown but she was thought to have lived from about 1697-1782. She was born to an Irish servant woman and her employer. She would eventually become known for her boldness and ferocity as one of the few female pirates operating during the time period known as the “Golden Age of Piracy.”

Bonny’s father moved to London to escape his wife’s family bringing “Andy” – his daughter whom he dressed as a boy – with him. When his secret was revealed, he fled to the Province of Carolina, bringing Bonny’s mother with him.  According to legend, red-headed Bonny’s fierce temper was a life-long trait. As a young woman, she married a small time pirate named James Bonny, prompting her father to disinherit her. She was rumored to have burned down her father’s plantation in retaliation.

Bonny eventually left her husband for the pirate Captain “Calico Jack” Rackham. She plundered the seas with him, disguised as a man. Only Rackham & eventually Mary Read – another famed female pirate who sailed with Bonny – knew her real gender. There were unsubstantiated rumors of a romantic relationship between Bonny & Read. Accounts of the exploits of Anne Bonny paint her as competent, fearless, well-respected by her shipmates and effective enough in combat that she was often a member of boarding parties when raiding ships.

In 1720 Bonny’s ship, under the command of Rackham, was boarded by troops representing the Governor of Jamaica. Rackham’s crew was too drunk to put up a fight. Bonny & Read fought fiercely and kept the government’s troops at bay for a brief period. Reportedly, Bonny’s final words to Rackham upon his imprisonment for piracy were, “had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.” At their trials, Bonny & Read both pled pregnancy & received stays of execution. Bonny spent some time in prison and then disappeared. Her date of death is unknown and it is speculated that she perhaps returned to a life of piracy under a different name.

Source: Wikipedia

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