Some may say “It’s all about the Marketing” and while we don’t disagree, to us “It really is about the Beer!”

Cape Cod Beer is about Beer. Its about brewing the best beer possible, on Cape Cod, for people who love Cape Cod. Its about having fun, and following Todd’s calling (and passion) to brew beer professionally. Its about sharing that experience with those we meet along the way that feel the same way about beer as we do.

The  FOUR PILLARS upon which Cape Cod Beer is Built

1. Customer Service:  We make every effort to provide world class customer service to our wholesale customers. If we are not achieving that level of customer service on your account, we want to know about it.

2. Quality:  The quality of our product is of the utmost importance to us.  Adherence to strict quality standards and testing procedures is part of our daily schedule.  Great beer comes before almost everything!  This is one of the reasons why we insist on our beer being kept cold.

3. Community:  Being an active and supportive member of our community is very important to us.  This means participating in community events, supporting local business and donating to local charitable events. We are active chamber members, board members of local charities, participate with and donate to hundreds of  local charities each year.  We hope to lead by example and inspire others to get involved.

4. Conservation:  Being good earth citizens is also important to us.   Cape Cod Beer does everything it can to minimize it’s impact on our environment.  We recycle glass, paper, and plastic.  We utilize water conservation and reclamation techniques in the brewing process. We only sell our products in refillable kegs or bottles, and recycle or donate the spent grain from our brewing process to local farmers for feed or compost.

Thanks to our Supporters

Cape Cod Beer would not be brewing and distributing beer today without significant support from our friends and family. While there are way too many to name, if you’ve been involved, you know it and we do too! THANKS!

Thank you to our raving fans – the CCLAMS – who have been there every step of the way!

And thank you to our first couple tap accounts – for your faith in Cape Cod Beer.

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