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Brewery Information

Our brewery is located at 1336 Phinney’s Lane in Hyannis and  currently consists of a 15 bbl direct fired brewhouse purchased in 2008 from Premier Stainless Systems and 2 x 60 bbl, 9 x 30 bbl and 3 x 15 bbl fermenters along with 2 x 60 bbl jacketed brites, 2 x 30 bbl jacketed brites , 1 x 20bbl single wall brite, 6 x 15 bbl single wall brites and 2 x 7 bbl single wall brites.

We have a maximum annual capacity of approximately 13,000 barrels.
We brew on average 14-16 times a week during the high season, and about half that during the off season.

We are currently undergoing a MASSIVE expansion where we have taken over an additional 4,000 sq feet and are adding 10 new tanks in June 2013.  Follow the progress here 

We self distribute our products within approximately 50 miles of the brewery, encompassing an area from Plymouth to Provincetown.

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Cape Cod Beer History/Timeline

April 2004:
Cape Cod Beer started out in April of 2004, brewing at the old Hyport Brewing Company at the west end of Main Street in Hyannis.  We brewed there for almost 2 years…schlepping kegs across town to wash them in our storage space, and sold homebrew supplies out of our house in those early days…


Our first year we had 12 customers and one employee (Todd) and delivered beer in Beth’s mini van.  Our original system (now replaced by our current system) was a 7 bbl direct fired DME copper clad brewhouse with 3 x 15 bbl fermenters (still in use today)


Spring 2005:
Cape Cod Beer hired it’s first official employee (aside from Todd & Beth) in spring of 2005 to help Todd keep up with growing demand.

January 2006:
At the beginning of 2006 we moved out of the Hyport for good…
and moved into our new space (3,000 sq ft) at 1336 Phinney’s Lane, brewing on our original system, with a total of 3 full time employees. ( Todd, Brian and Blake ( former sales guy))
August 2006
We got 2 more tanks delivered to help us meet demand.

Fall 2006:
Beth Marcus was able to join the company full time as Cape Cod Beer’s Business Manager.

Winter 2008
We replace our trusty 7 bbl direct fire brewhouse with a brand new 15 bbl direct fire brewhouse from Premier Stainless along with 9 new tanks.

Winter 2009
We added more physical space in Winter of 2009, taking over 2,000 sq ft – expanding retail, office and production space.

February 2009The Old Hyport was torn down

December 2009 and 2010
We added more 30 bbl tanks for a total of 9×30 bbls fermenters and 3×15 bbls fermenters and 9 bright tanks.


Fall 2012
Cape Cod Beer requests and is given the go ahead from the Town of Barnstable and the ABCC for a “pouring license” allowing then, when invoked to pour beer by the glass in their “tasting room”.  This license won;t be utilized until 2013, but planning begins.

the brewery before the expansion begins…

December 2012
Cape Cod Beer signs a lease and takes over an additional 4,000 sq feet at 1336 Phinney’s Lane in Hyannis.  this is the space to the right of Sears, formerly the home of Paw’s Dream.  This new space will house the breweries fermentation, packaging and warehousing.  More details coming soon….


More info needed here.. sorry.. busy brewing and selling beer!