Curiosity Untapped – 12/5

Curiosity Untapped – 12/5

Curiosity Untapped

Cape Cod Beer introduces the new lecture series “Curiosity Untapped.” Cape Cod characters tell interesting stories and share insights into hidden Cape Cod and the world around us. Learn about feared pirates, explore hidden depths with an underwater rover, experience the Last Great Race on Earth & more!

Girl Singer: Fiction Inspired by a Real-Life Survivor
Tuesday, December 5th at 6pm

Author Mick Carlton discusses the real life inspiration for his book, Girl Singer. His friendship with Cape Codder & Holocaust survivor Heinz Prager inspired the character of Karl and the story that emerged.

“What would an aspiring jazz singer’s life be like in the heyday of the Harlem Renaissance? Carlon’s answer is this fictional memoir. Miss Avery Hall is a young black vocalist waitressing in upper Manhattan in 1938 when she happens to meet Count Basie just as Billie Holiday decides she can’t stand touring one minute longer. Avery gets her break and travels across America with the band, experiencing the highs of performing and camaraderie with the band, as well as the lows of Jim Crow laws, segregation among the U.S. troops of WWII, and the ever-present dangers for young women. The tone darkens when Avery takes up with Karl, a young Holocaust survivor and photographer, based on the real-life Heinz Prager, whose actual photos illustrate the book…. [Carlon’s] encyclopedic knowledge of music and the associated personalities bring the milieu and time period to life.”

Cape Cod Beer Curiosity Untapped Girl Singer Mick Carlton

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