Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter

Availability: March 24, 2017 & March 25, 2017 ONLY

Style: Old Ale or Strong Ale


Weighing in at around 8% ABV and made with over 2,000 pounds of malted barley, “Old Man Winter” is a British-Style Old Ale.  With this cask our delicious Old Man Winter gets the proper British treatment it deserves! Allowed to carbonate naturally in cask and served slightly warm, the result is a creamy and smooth version of our winter seasonal. Come warm up on the last chilly days of the year with a pint!

OG: 19.0 °P (1.076SG)   ABV: 7.9%   IBUs: 65

Malts: Canadian Pale, English Crystal, &  Roasted Barley

Hops: Domestic Northern Brewer

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery

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