1 BBL & Specialty Beer Release Dates

First we have to come clean and make sure you understand it is actually now called the TWO barrel series.  This came about last winter when we found that 1 barrel of a specialty beer was not enough.  It is NOT our desire to create any panic buying or lines forming in the parking lot before we open in an attempt to get  these beers.  Our only hope is to be able to play around with some new ingredients and some barrel and cask aging.  That’s it.  We will most likely limit sales to 2 per person, just so everyone can try them all.  As always, if it is not working, please let us know. We will try to accompndate you as best we can.  With that being said, please do not ask us to hold beer for you.  We do not have the space in our walk ins to do that.  For those who live “away”, we encourage you either “road trip” or “make a local friend” who can hold them for you!

View or download the Release Calendar (pdf)

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