Brewery Hours: OPEN Wed-Sat 12-8pm & Sun 12-6PM | 508-790-4200 | 1336 Phinney's Lane, Hyannis MA

The brewery is closed on Memorial Day (Mon. 5/29)

Brewery Hours:
OPEN Wed-Sat 12-8pm & Sun 12-6PM |
508-790-4200 |
1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA

The brewery is closed on Memorial Day (Mon. 5/29)

2023 Free Live Music Line Up!

Looking to enjoy some cold craft beer and live music? Get on down to the brewery! Check-out our current 2023 lineup below to see who’s playing when at the brewery.

DayTime Musician
Thurs 5/185-8pmAllie Lamb Duo
Fri 5/195-8pmChris Lebeau
Sun 5/213-6pmBrendan Princi
Thurs 5/255-8pmChris Lebeau
Fri 5/263-6pmCarly Tefft
Sat 5/275-8pmBryce Elizabeth
Sun 5/283-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 6/15-8pmNatalia Bonfini
Fri 6/23-6pmJohn Redden
Sun 6/43-6pmMichael Brennan
Thurs 6/85-8pmKyle Morrison
Fri 6/95-8pmPalmer Egan
Sat 6/103-6pmBryce Elizabeth
Sun 6/113-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 6/153-6pmNatalia Bonfini
Fri 6/165-8pmDan Felix
Sat 6/175-8pmJohn Redden
Sun 6/183-6pmBrendan O’Keefe
Thurs 6/225-8pmAndrew Lownstein
Fri 6/235-8pmSarah Burill
Sat 6/245-8pmJake Bautista
Sun 6/253-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 6/295-8pmKyle Morrison
Fri 6/305-8pmTotal Strangers
Sat 7/15-8pmJohn Redden
Sun 7/23-6pmDan Felix
Thurs 7/65-8pmAndrew Lowenstein
Fri 7/75-8pmChris Lebeau
Sat 7/85-8pmJake Bautista
Sun 7/93-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 7/135-8pmKyle Morrison
Fri 7/143-6pmTBA
Sat 7/153-6pmSarah Burill
Sun 7/163-6pmBrendan O’Keefe
Thurs 7/205-8pmPalmer Egan
Fri 7/215-8pmBrendan Princi
Sat 7/225-8pmPaul Horton
Sun 7/233-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 7/275-8pmAndrew Lowenstein
Fri 7/285-8pmDan Felix
Sat 7/295-8pmTBA
Sun 7/303-6pmBrendan O’Keefe
Thurs 8/35-8pmPalmer Egan
Fri 8/43-6pmKyle Morrison
Sat 8/55-8pmPaul Horton
Sun 8/63-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 8/105-8pmJosh Ayala
Fri 8/115-8pmChris Lebeau
Sat 8/125-8pmBryce Elizabeth
Sun 8/133-6pmBrendan O’Keefe
Thurs 8/175-8pmAndrew Lowenstein
Fri 8/185-8pmSarah Burill
Sat 8/195-8pmPaul Horton
Sun 8/203-6pmTed Wyman
Thurs 8/245-8pmCaroline Brennan
Fri 8/255-8pmJohn Redden
Sat 8/265-8pmDan Felix
Sun 8/273-6pmPaul Horton
Thurs 8/315-8pmPalmer Egan
Fri 9/15-8pmTotal Strangers
Sat 9/25-8pmBryce Elizabeth
Sun 9/33-6pmTed Wyman
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