TEAM CCB LAST GASP RIDERS…..Want to add to your fundraising!?  Act now to be part of our TEAM RAFFLE.gasp team pic 2012


We are setting up a chinese raffle where YOU the RIDERS can come up with items to raffle off.  Photos/Descriptions of the items will be displayed in the brewery for up to 2 weeks.  People  (anyone who enters the brewery – and the people you encourage to come by) will buy $5 tickets to try to win the raffle items.  There would be a box for each item and people could buy as many tickets as they want. Participants will write their name and phone number on each ticket.  At the end of 2 weeks.. at the TEAM FUNDRAISING PARTY.. we will draw the winners for each item  Winners don;t have to be present, but are responsible for picking up item the following week or paying for shipping (within reason).  Each ticket deposited for each item will provide $5 to the rider who donated the item.. So if Sally donated a $100 gift certificate to a local restaurant and 50 people all put tickets in for that item, Sally – would have $250 allocated to her LAST GASP account. We won’t give Sally the actual money – we’ll transfer it in her name to CCCF.

Fine print:

  • We need the item info ASAP ( like TODAY!) as we hope to get the display up Monday/Tuesday of NEXT WEEK – use the form below!
  • To start only ONE ITEM per rider.  With 70 people on the team we do not have room for 70 items.  So it will be one item per to start…first come first served.
  • We do not need the items here at the brewery until 8/23 when we will DRAW THE WINNERS.
  • Please make the items thing people will want to take a chance for $5.  Don’t forget people LOVE “experience” items..a trip on your boat.. fishing…cocktails on Sandy Neck etc.
  • Even if you already emailed Beth about your item PLEASE USE THE FORM BELOW.  It makes it so much easier for us!
  • More detail and more photos will make a better selling display .. so send us what you have.


You can also add to your fundraising by BRINGING  a POTLUCK FOOD ITEM to the PARTY 8/23  – DETAILS click  here!

To submit an item for the raffle please use this form:

[si-contact-form form=’12’]



The idea for the party is that  we THE TEAM hosts a party on friday night 8/23 from 6pm to 8pm.   It will be $10 for people to attend…and the money raised at the door would be split amongst anyone on the team who brings something for the potluck.  So if SALLY brings a huge salad to share …..and 10 other people bring other things.. and we collect $555 at the door then SALLY would get $55 designated to her Last Gasp account.  

Our donation will be beer — and each $10 ticket will get you one free beer.. and there will be a cash bar after that.

For this to work we need a nice assortment of  potluck items.  With 70 team member we should be able to pull this off!  We also need people to come!  So please help us spread the word.. and please sign up to bring something.  please EMAIL MJ with what you plan to bring for a potluck item.  She will keep track so we don’t end up with too many of one type of things.