Augustus Gloop’s Glee

Augustus Gloop’s Glee

Pilot Brew #019 Augustus Gloop’s Glee

Availability: February 9, 2018 until gone

Style: Dark German Wheat

Description: Subtle chocolate

Made with traditional German wheat beer yeast, this brew showcases a complex blend of dark malt characteristics. Chocolate comes through in the aroma with very subtle notes of clove. The thick mouthfeel is complemented by flavors of dark bread with a dry finish.

OG: 15.1   ABV: 5.5% IBUs: 17.1

Malts: Dark Wheat, Dark Munich, Cara-aroma, Melanoidin, 2-Row, Chocolate Wheat

Hops: Perle

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery only

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