Amarillo Dry Hopped IPA

Part of the 2011 1 bbl series
It’s winter on Cape Cod, and instead of brewing 10 to 12 times per week, we’re brewing 2 to 3 times per week.  And while there is still plenty of cleaning and filtering to do, plus a few upgrades and repairs, winter is a time to play with casks, barrel aging and others ideas.  From this was born the 1 bbl series.

Next up in the one barrel series is a Amarillo Dry Hopped IPA, meaning we added a 1/2 lb of Amarillo per bbl, for a total of 2 barrels (since we ran out quick last year)  The result is a lovely hoppy-er version of ur IPA, with plenty of floral hop bite, and a touch of sweetness brought on by the hops.  Interestingly enough the Amarillo really does change the overall flavor of this beer.  If you like our IPA, you’re gonna love this!

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