American Imperial IPA

American Imperial IPA

Availability: November 8th- until gone

Style: American Imperial IPA

Description: A hazy mild and fruity beer with a black tea aftertaste.

The beer was made with a single variety each of malt and hops. The malt is Nor’East Gold, which is New England’s first locally crafted drum-kilned malt, from Stone Path Malt of Wareham, MA. The hops are a variety known as Chaos, characterized by notes of citrus fruit and black tea, from family-owned and operated Four Star Farms of Northfield, MA.

Deliciously drinkable with a mild toasty malt character and a clean bitterness with subtle notes of fruit and tea. It has a beautiful light gold appearance with just the right amount of haze.

Food Pairings: Something Spicy, AKA Chili!

OG: 18.0 ABV: 7.2% IBUs: 55

Malts: Nor’East Gold (two row malt from Stone Path Malt)

Hops: Chaos (citrus fruit, and black tea from Four Star Farms)

Packaging: On Tap ONLY.

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