Brewery Hours: Open Daily 12-6PM with Friday Night Concerts 7-10PM | 1336 Phinney's Lane Hyannis, MA | 508-790-4200

Brewery Hours : Open Daily 12-6PM Friday Night Concerts 7-10PM
1336 Phinney's Lane Hyannis, MA

Cape Cod Sour

OG: 13.2°P  ABV: 5.4% IBU: 14 Availability: Thursday, July 1st Style: Sour Ale Description: Based loosely on the historic regional sour beer styles of Northern Germany, this crushable brew is unfiltered and has a mild but refreshing taste that doesn’t linger. Enjoy this beer on a hot summer day or anytime you’re just looking to chill. … Read more

Bière de Mars

OG: 14   ABV: 6.8%  IBU: 20 2020 release date: 3/13/20 previously released 2/12/13 This beer was first brewed in 2013, and at the time it was a brand new style for us.  Back then we collaborated on the artwork with local artist Joey Mars, put the beer in 750 ml bottles and had a cool … Read more

Apricot Session IPA

OG: 11.8°P   ABV:4.5%   IBUs: 60.5 Availability: May 12, 2022 – until gone Style: Fruited Session IPA Description: Fruity, hoppy & colorful The pilot this month is an Apricot Session IPA brewed by Dan Woodside for his first time on our pilot system. Session IPAs are light and refreshing without lacking the hoppiness of a traditional IPA. … Read more

Summer Tripa

OG: 22.4 °P    ABV: 10.3%   IBUs: 42 Availability: Thursday, June 23rd – until gone! Style: Triple Dry Hopped IPA Description: Super hazy! Super juicy! This triple IPA is a first for us at Cape Cod Beer… pushing the limits of “big” IPAs. Clocking in at 10.3% this IPA packs a punch but you … Read more

Buster Brown

Brew Dog, Mascot, Model Buster Brown is the only four-legged member of the Brew Crew (at least so far!). A Field Spaniel by breed, Buster loves hanging out at the top of the brewery stairs and listening to the daily tours. Upon completion of the tour Buster will happily go greet anyone on the tour … Read more

Sarah O’Keefe

Full-Time Retail Associate  Sarah grew up & currently resides right over the bridge in Plymouth, MA. In 2019, she graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Social Thought & Political Economy. She has worked in the food service industry since she was in high school, starting at the famous Marshland’s Restaurant leading her here … Read more


OG: 18.6 °P (1.074SG)   ABV: 7.8%   IBUs: 25 Availability: September 13th – until gone! Style: Unfiltered Bavarian Wheat Beer Description: Malty and aromatic Packaging (subject to availability): Growlers, Howlers, 16oz Cans & on draft at the brewery. Weizenbock is a strong, malty, fruity, wheat-based ale combining the best flavors of a dunkelweizen and the rich strength and body of a … Read more

Big DIPAH – Double IPA

Big DIPAH #1: OG: 22.4 ABV: 9.6%   IBUs: 85 Big DIPAH #2: OG: 20.3 ABV: 8.7%   IBUs: 70 Big DIPAH #3: OG: 20.3 ABV: 8.6%   IBUs: 42 Sit back, relax & enjoy the night sky. Unless you’re just looking at the North Star (which you can easily find using the Big Dipper), it’s not the same sky season to season. In … Read more

Dan Woodside

Production Assistant Dan is a washashore from Norristown, Pennsylvania now residing in Pocasset. When he’s not at work, he’s likely sipping on beers  & spending time with his family including his two beautiful daughters. His favorite Cape Cod Beer is our year-round IPA.

Nox Atra Imperial Stout

ABV:  8.5%   IBUs: 64 Availability:  Friday, January 28th at the brewery! Style: Imperial Stout Description: Dark, malty & subtly sweet! In Latin ‘Nox Atra’ means ‘Dark as Night’ – an appropriate name for this opaque Imperial Stout. Like lightning across the Cape Cod waters, this beer is a bold strike to your tastebuds. The rich velvety-smooth mouthfeel followed … Read more

Cape Cod Harvest

OG: 11.9°P (1.048SG)   ABV: 5%   IBUs: 18 Availability: August 2021 Style: German Ale Description: Mild and drinkable This smooth, straw-colored ale is similar to an Oktoberfest. It’s brewed with a blend of six malts with just enough noble hop character to provide a balanced finish. Cape Cod Harvest is an award winner, earning Gold multiple times at the Great International Beer … Read more

Chocolate Raisin Doppelbock

OG: 17°P   ABV: 7.9%   IBUs: 25 Availability: March 10, 2022 – until gone Style: Chocolate Raisin Bock Description: Rich, sweet, chocolatey This beer is a contemporary spin of a traditional German-style bock. Its best features are accented by the earthy fruitiness of raisins and balanced by dark roasty cacao nibs. This beer has a very low hop character to display … Read more

Jack Rush

Production Assistant Jack is a Cape Cod native who grew up in Sandwich and currently resides in Yarmouth. In 2020, Jack graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Sports Management. His love for beer and the Cape brought him to the brewery where he has been a great addition to our production team. When … Read more

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Porter

OG: 15.5 °P (1.060SG)  ABV: 5.5% IBUs: 28 Availability:  Thursday, February 3rd until gone! At the brewery only! Style: Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Porter Description: Dark, malty & subtly sweet! Our deliciously smooth and chocolatey Porter is the perfect complement to the tart, rich and flavorful Chocolate Raspberry Coffee roasted for us by our friends at Cape Cod Coffee! The results is … Read more

Top o’ the Morning Irish Coffee Stout

OG: 17.4°P   ABV: 6.5%   IBUs: 40 Availability: March 3, 2022 – until gone Style: Coffee Infused Oatmeal Stout Release History: 2021 version was an Oyster Stout Description: Smooth, dark & subtly sweet The robust flavor of this dark ale is not just luck. Our silky-smooth Oatmeal Stout has been infused with locally roasted Cape Cod Coffee blended with the sweet flavors … Read more

Pumpkin Coffee Dunkel

OG: 13.4 °P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.4%   IBUs: 25 Availability: October 23rd – until gone. Style: Dunkel-Weizen (Unfiltered Bavarian Dark Wheat Beer) infused with Pumpkin Coffee from Cape Cod Coffee Description: Malty with sweet tones, and just the right amount of pumpkin spice! Dunkel-Weizen is a complex malty wheat beer. This darker style beer has a unique banana bread character. … Read more

Coffee Pumpkinbock

OG: 18.6 °P (1.074SG)   ABV: 7.8%   IBUs: 25 Availability: September 24th – until gone! Style: Unfiltered Bavarian Wheat Beer Description: Malty and aromatic This is our infamous Weizenbock blended with fresh brewed Pumpkin Spice coffee from our friends at Cape Cod Coffee! The blend of coffee pairs perfectly with the fruity flavors of the Weizenbock but also cuts the strong … Read more

Shillelagh Irish Pale Ale

OG: 11.5 °P (1.046SG)   ABV: 4.8%   IBUs: 17 Availability: March 3rd 2022 until it’s gone! Style: Irish Pale Ale Description: “Crushable” Pale Ale with an Irish twist The beer was designed to be easy drinking and not too high in alcohol so that you could enjoy more than one. Made with Irish Ale Malt, and clover honey, this beer is Irish … Read more

Hot Harvest

OG: 11.9°P (1.048SG)   ABV: 5%   IBUs: 18 Availability: Friday, December 10th Style: Spicy German Ale Description: This is our seasonal german ale conditioned on locally grown habaneros! Beware! It’s got a kick! Malts: Pale, Munich, Vienna, Cara Pils, Wheat, Black Hops: Perle, Liberty, Saaz Available on draft at the brewery only!

Blueberry Coffee Porter

OG: 15.5 °P (1.060SG) ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 28 Availability: August 27th- until gone! Style: Brown Porter Description: Dark and malty If you are looking for a deliciously drinkable treat, look no further! We have blended our Cape Cod Porter with blueberry coffee beans roasted just for us by our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. The result is a perfect combination … Read more

Fur Missile

OG: 11.5 °P (1.046SG)   ABV: 4.9%   IBUs: 10 Availability: Friday, June 4th – Until gone! Style: Infused American Blonde Ale Description: Light and refreshing Our polished golden ale has a hint of toasted malt character and a clean finish. We infused the light & delicious blonde ale with black tea and citrus peel. The black tea augments the flavor of … Read more

Buster’s Brown Ale

OG: 13.6 °P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.3%   IBUs: 46 Availability: Nov 6, 2020  – until its gone! Style: American Brown Ale Description: Malty and nutty This American Brown Ale is brewed with a touch of rye to enhance the nutty character of the beer. Made with a blend of 6 different malts that includes pale, light crystal, chocolate, wheat, caramalt and … Read more


To visit the brewery during regular business hours there are no set restrictions – masks are welcome but not required. Vaccine cards are not required.
To visit the brewery during FREE LIVE MUSIC (typically 3-6pm Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays) there are not set restrictions – masks are welcome but not required. Vaccine cards are not required.

To attend larger public events, ticketed events, and events where BANDS are playing – vaccine cards or a negative covid test is required.

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter

OG: 15.5 °P (1.060SG)   ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 28 Availability: March 31st – until gone! Style: Brown Porter infused with Coffee! Description: Dark and malty Three great tastes that taste great together! We have infused our dark, drinkable Porter with locally roasted Peanut Butter Cup Coffee from our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. The addition of this locally brewed coffee … Read more

Cranberry Chocolate Coffee Nox Atra Valentines Version

ABV:  8.5%   IBUs: 64 Availability: Friday, February 4th – until gone! Style: Imperial Stout Description: We’ve blended our signature Nox Atra with Cranberry Chocolate Coffee from our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. Nox Atra is bold with the sweet flavors of black cherries and plums and a mild, roasty bitterness. The combination of Nox and the cranberry chocolate … Read more

Pear Saison

OG: 11.0 °P  ABV: 5.25%   IBUs: 18 This is our traditional farmhouse ale conditioned on 4lbs of dried pears! It is an easy-drinking beer at 5.25% ABV, with a bright citrus flavor matched with an effervescent, dry finish. Available on draft for pints & tastings at the brewery only!

Triple Dry-Hopped Narrow Lands

OG: 16.4  ABV: 6.0%   IBUs: 50 Availability: Friday, June 18th until gone! Style: New England IPA Description: Juicy & hoppy With a soft malt character & little-to-no yeast character, this cloudy, juicy, double dry-hopped New England IPA is easy drinking with a crisp, clean base that allows the hops to shine through. We then triple dry hopped it w/ Galaxy … Read more

Cape Cod Beer is now a member of Harvest Hosts!

What is Harvest Hosts? Harvest Hosts is a membership for RVers that provides free RV camping at over 1000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other unique locations! After owners TOdd & Beth Marcus became a member earlier in the summer, in preparation for a road trip they were planning in the fall, Cape Cod … Read more

Cranberry Wheat

OG: 12.8°P (1.051SG)   ABV: 5.0%   IBUs: 10 Availability: Autumn Style: Hefe-Weizen  (Unfiltered Bavarian Wheat Beer) Description: A pale, spicy, fruity wheat ale. This traditional Bavarian Hefe-Weizen (wheat beer) is popular in Bavaria  Pronounced Hay-fa-VI-tsen, this beer style is unfiltered and known for its unique banana and clove flavors, which come from the special German yeasts used in fermentation. This beer is … Read more

Breakfast Blonde

OG: 11.5 °P (1.046SG) ABV: 4.9% IBUs: 10 Availability: Friday, May 14th – until gone! Style: Coffee Blonde Description: Light & Bold Breakfast Blonde is an unexpected combination of flavors made in collaboration with our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. Enjoy the light toastiness of our Blonde Ale enhanced by the dark roastiness of their popular Vienna … Read more

Carrot Cake Golden Ale V3

OG: 15.6 ABV: 5.3% IBUs: 25 Release Date: Thursday, April 14th – until gone! Style: Golden Ale Description: Carrot cake. But like, beer. Carolyn Brooks started as a beertender in our taproom in June of 2019 but has recently joined our production team working towards becoming a brewer. When Carol started in the taproom our Carrot Cake Belgian Strong was … Read more

Lucky No. 18 Double Barrel Imperial Stout

ABV: 9% IBU: 75 Availability: Thursday, April 14th – until gone! Style: Double Barrel Imperial Stout Description: Rich, sweet & boozy Lucky No. 18, our Nox Atra Imperial Stout, began its barrel-aging journey at the end of 2019.  After 14 months in a rum barrel, it was transferred to a bourbon barrel where it aged again for 14 months. In the … Read more

Coffee S’more

Availability : October 8th 2021 – until gone! Coffee S’mores is our Oyster Stout with local Chocolate Macadamia Coffee & Cacao Nibs! Contains Nuts & Shellfish ‘Tis the season to be sitting around a roaring campfire, coffee in hand while roasting a marshmallow to perfection! It’s time to enjoy the fall with our Coffee S’mores … Read more

Old Man Winter – Winter Specialty Brew

OG: 19.0 °P (1.076SG)  ABV: 8.0%  IBUs: 65 Availability: Monday, November 22nd – until gone! Style: Old Ale or Strong Ale A British-Style Old Ale, this beer was brewed with winter in mind. Weighing in at just over 7% and made with over 1,000 pounds of malted barley, “Old Man Winter” is perfect for sipping … Read more

R&R Tropical Stout

R&R Tropical Stout Thumbnail Image

OG:  17.5°P  ABV:  6.6%   IBUs:  34 Availability: 1/25/19 until its gone! Style: Tropical Stout Description: Similar to the stouts found in tropical climes, this very dark, sweet and fruity beer was brewed with lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures and has smooth roasty flavors without a burnt harshness Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal 65, Crystal 85, Crystal 120, Roasted … Read more

Christmas in July

OG: 19.0 °P (1.076SG)   ABV: 8.0%   IBUs: 65  Availability: Friday, July 23rd until it’s gone! Style: Barrel-Aged English Old Ale Description: Rich & Malty Christmas in July is an ongoing tradition that originated in the early days of Cape Cod Beer. Every year, our Brewmaster preserves the last drops of Old Man Winter, our English Old Ale winter seasonal, and barrel … Read more

8 Horses Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

ABV:  8.5%   IBUs: 64 Availability: In Luke’s Stores across Cape Cod starting around February 10, 2019 – until its gone! Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Description: Smooth & Spirited About the Beer: 8 Horses started as an amazing beer named: ‘Nox Atra’, which means means ‘Dark as Night’ in Latin, and is an appropriate name for this opaque … Read more

Jamaican Me Crazy Dark Wheat

OG: 13.4 °P (1.054SG)  ABV: 5.4%   IBUs: 25 Availability: February 18th – until gone! Style:  Dunkel-Weizen (Unfiltered Bavarian Dark Wheat Beer) Description: Malty but sweet This is our award-winning wheat beer enhanced with fresh brewed Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee from Cape Cod Coffee! The bitterness of the coffee brings out the beers natural flavor of banana & clove but … Read more

Corporate Events

Host your corporate event at Cape Cod Beer! Whether you’re looking for a casual networking mixer, a panel discussion or a meeting with presentations, Cape Cod Beer is a venue that can meet your needs while setting a comfortable tone for the evening. Duration: Three hours Includes: Use of Cape Cod Beer’s furniture, if desired Use … Read more

Private Party

Host your own private party at Cape Cod Beer! Great for birthday parties, holiday parties, welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners & more!

Rainforest Coffee Nox Atra

ABV:  8.5%   IBUs: 64 Availability: June 11, 2021 Style: Imperial Stout Description:  Our Imperial Stout infused with Rainforest Coffee from our friends at Cape Cod Coffee is like a tropical party in your mouth!  Rainforest is a hazelnut coffee with flavors of chocolate covered raspberries and French Vanilla.  Big on the hazelnut upfront this beauty finishes strong … Read more

“15” Barrel Aged Sour Amber Ale

OG: 13.5°P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 35 Availability: April 15th, 2019 – until goneStyle: Barrel-Aged Sour Amber Ale Description: Cape Cod Beers flagship Amber Ale, Barrel aged in a whiskey barrel for many years undergoing a lengthy natural souring process. Tested by our brewers up until release, this thick bodied sour amber ale has a fruity grape or … Read more

Special Hours 8/28

It our annual end of Summer employee appreciation party. The #BrewCrew has worked their tails off so we’re closing a little early for a party to celebrate their hard work. On Tuesday 8/28 we’ll be open from 10am to 5pm (closing an hour early).  We reopen for regular hours (10am-6pm) on Wednesday 8/29

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