Beer by the Pint at the Brewery

Beer by the Pint at the Brewery

We’re Official!  We can now officially serve you a pint of beer at the brewery – while you hang around and watch us work! (grin)

We should warn you that we are entering into this whole process fairly slowly.  We’re working on the logistics and layout of it all and plan to make some additional changes this spring – which include a separate draft system, wifi and an outdoor “beer garden”.  We also hope to be able to host more charity events  and an occasional party.  Once we hit May 1st we will be changing our tour schedule to daily at 11am (closed Sundays!) and hope to have some food trucks here at lunch time.  We will NOT be changing our hours, and will have last call 1/2 hour before we close.  We have no intention of competing with our local bar and restaurant customers – but want to provide a space for people to hang out for a short time and enjoy a pint of our beer.

16oz beers of most of our brands are $4.50 – beers over 6% ( if we have any at the time) will be the same price for a 10oz pour.  We hope to be able to bring on a few more specialty beers as we proceed…but admittedly we’re working equally as hard on our build out of our new space!

In the meantime if you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to make them to one of the brew crew or to email them to info(at)capecodbeer(dot)com