Beer Sampling at Cape Cod Beer

Beer Sampling at Cape Cod Beer


Effective Wednesday January 29, 2014, Cape Cod Beer will begin to charge for samples of our beers at the brewery.  Now before you get upset, please understand that we have spent an enormous amount of time considering this decision.  For 10 years we have provided free samples to all those who came to visit us.  At first that was a VERY limited number of samples, but by 2013 the quantity of samples we were handing out grew to what we considered an unreasonable amount of free beer.  We can now have as many as 8 beers on tap at any time.  Eight 3 oz samples is 24 oz of free beer.  When we multiplied that by the tens of thousands of visitors that we entertained each year we realized we had a problem.

THE GOOD NEWS:  you can still have FIVE 3 oz samples at Cape Cod Beer for a mere $5 and we’re even going to throw in the most darling logo sample glass for you to take home!  MORE GOOD NEWS: if you just want to try one beer – say the newest one on tap – you can still have a small sample in a plastic cup for free (we can hear the sigh of relief from regular growler customers!)  If you want to try more than one – but less than five – samples are $1 each.  IS ANYTHING STILL FREE?  You betcha!  You can still take the tour for FREE (you only have to pay if you want to sample)  you can still play cornhole for free.. hang out in the beer garden for free…and of course shop!


HOW IT WILL WORK: A Tasting will include 5 samples of the beers we have on tap.  You will receive an adorable logo tasting glass sample without beerwith your first sample, say for example, the Beach Blonde.  You will also be handed 4 wooden nickels ( Todd has always wanted to do something with wooden nickels – so here it is)  You can then wander around the retail space, beer garden etc enjoying your first 3 oz sample.  When ready you can come back to get your second sample, for which you will hand in one of your wooden nickels…and repeat until done.  When all done you can enjoy a pint in the beer garden, play some cornhole and of course shop.  When you leave you are encouraged to take along your sample glass as a souvenir of your visit to Cape Cod Beer.

Thank you for taking time to read through this information. Not all of us take to change as well as others, so please be patient as we work through this change.  If you have questions or comments please let us know