Biere de Mars


Biere de Mars is a rare style in the farmhouse family of beers. Originating in France, Biere de mars was typically brewed in the winter months to be enjoyed in the spring. Upon doing some research on the style I realized that the recipes tend to be a bit open to interpretation. Some recipes accentuate the malt character, others lean more on showcasing a more hoppy offering. Though there are a few American examples of Bier de Mars, most are brewed with Brett ( We wanted to capture the essence of the style without  putting a spin on it. After some discussion we decided to tackle the style true to form and make it our own. At the end of the day we wanted to make a great beer that we could be proud of. We decided on such an obscure style in a very organic way. We had decided not to brew our Cherry Porter this year and needed something to fill the shoes of our Valentines seasonal and being fans of the farmhouse style in general, we gravitated to the more elusive Biere de Mars. The fact that Beth and Todd have a friend named Joey Mars, who also happens to be an incredibly talented artist of course helped with an overall marketing scheme.


Since this style is widely unknown and our brew crew collectively had little experience working with a Biere de Mars, we decided to do a five gallon pilot batch. Basically, we were keeping it real. After the pilot batch had come to fruition, we learned that the real standout of the pilot batch was the yeast itself. We’d originally thought about leaning on the hops but there was no denying that the yeast wanted to play much more than a walk on role in this beer. The yeast gave off a round flavor profile supported by pleasant earthy aromatics. After making some recipe adjustments, we were confident that the beer was ready for the 15bbl treatment.