Brewer’s Blog 3/8/13

Brewer’s Blog 3/8/13

This is the first of hopefully a series of posts by Lead Brewer Jeff Rowe and the possibly even the brew crew.  

One would think that this time of year at the brewery is slow, leaving us brewers left searching for things to do. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Our production area, affectionately referred to as “the red floor” has been hopping (pun intended) of late. Not only have we been busy producing our year round beers, but we’ve also had the opportunity to brew and release Biere de Mars, Bitter End Imperial IPA, and Stargazer Milk Stout. While the Biere de Mars and Bitter End are almost gone, Stargazer Milk Stout is filtered, carbonated, tasting great, and ready for sale a bit earlier than we’d thought. Win win.
On top of that, we’ve had some time to put our two Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels to use. One of which is filled with Old Man Winter for our Christmas in July release. This year’s Christmas in July is going to be a special one. We found some kegs of aged Old Man Winter in our walk in. Three year’s worth to be specific. After sampling the aged Old Man Winter’s from years past, we felt we had little choice but to make this year’s Christmas in July a vertical of sorts. Yup, we racked the three years of aged Old Man into one of our bourbon barrels with this year’s batch of Old Man. Making it a Four year vertical of Old Man Winter! Ahh July.

Our other bourbon barrel is now being occupied by our flagship “Cape Cod Red”. During an impromptu tasting of aged bottles that Todd had hanging around the brewery, we were fortunate enough to taste an oak aged red that had been produced years ago. This immediately got my gears turning. At first, I didn’t think of our red as being a good candidate for the barrel treatment but after trying that bottle of aged red and tasting how complex it had become, I felt it best to fill up our second barrel with our “Cape Cod Red” and forget about it for a while. We’ll just let it do its thing and save it for a rainy day.

In the coming months we’ve got our Pilsener, Vanilla bean Porter, Hot Blonde, and Summer releases ahead of us. Swing on by!

Jeff Rowe
Lead Brewer