Brewer’s Blog: Hey, what’s in that barrel?

Brewer’s Blog: Hey, what’s in that barrel?

xmas in july barrels

Currently we have three oak barrel in house with beer aging in them.  They are are follows:

Barrel 1.) This year’s Christmas in July will be a vertical of sorts. We’ve blended four batches of our “Old Man Winter” . The batches span four years and are currently sitting in a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel. The Old Man has mellowed a touch, bringing the vanilla from the barrel into focus.

Barrel 2.) Red, currently aging in a Woodford Reserve Barrel.

Barrel 3.) Porter, currently aging in a Kentucky Straight Whiskey Barrel.

Christmas in July of course comes out on 7/25. When we’ll be selling the other two will be a surprise to all of us. Stay tuned.