Buster’s Brown Ale

Buster’s Brown Ale

Availability: Nov 6, 2020  – until its gone!

Style: American Brown Ale

Description: Malty and nutty

This American Brown Ale is brewed with a touch of rye to enhance the nutty character of the beer. Made with a blend of 6 different malts that includes pale, light crystal, chocolate, wheat, caramalt and rye. The flavor of the malts dominate the flavor profile of this beer allowing the subtle characteristics of the rye malt to be drawn out. The Chinook hops provide a nice upfront hop bite and the Cascade hops give the beer a mild citrusy aroma. This ale’s namesake is Buster Brown, a 8 year old Field Spaniel who is Cape Cod Beer’s brewery dog and a member of the Marcus family’s pack.

OG: 13.6 °P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.3%   IBUs: 46

Malts: Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Caramalt, Rye & Wheat

Hops: Chinook & Cascade

Packaging (subject to availability): on tap and in growlers/howlers