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Cape Cod All Natural Products

Cape Cod All Natural is dedicated to bringing you the best products at that best value.
Did you ever wonder what natives in Australia, Mexico, The Philippines, India and other countries have used to effectively ward off ticks and mosquito’s before poisons?  Have you ever asked questions like this?  “Why is there such an explosion of ticks?” “What can I do to SAFELY and effectively protect my family and the environment?”  Cape Cod All Natural asked these same questions and found the most effective essential oils from around the world. Their  primary goals are to protect themselves and to stop using poisons which kill off the bird population (birds eat ticks and mosquito larvae).  We all know that the tick population is growing at an incredible rate and more alarming is that a higher and higher percentage carry debilitating diseases, not only LYME DISEASE but also BABESIOSIS and ANAPLASMOSIS.  Some estimates claim that as many as 30% of the nymph ticks carry disease.
Mosquito’s are also a major health hazard as the rise in cases of TRIPLE E, or WEST NILE VIRUS or ENCEPHALITIS continues to bring serious sickness to thousands. These virus’s are extremely hard to identify and there are no cures for a virus, only treatments that vary depending on how your immune system is able to control a virus.
Cape Cod All Natural products share a specific essential oil formula which has been proven to be extremely effective at repelling ticks and mosquito’s. Most importantly the repellents do not contain poisons!  Cape Cod All Natural products don’t kill anything, especially YOU!
Cape Cod All Natural repellents are formulated to keep ticks and mosquito’s away from you in the first place!
Cape Cod All Natural products do NOT contain poisons, allergens, or harmful skin irritants (solvents).  As a matter of fact Cape Cod All Natural products are actually good for your skin!  As an added bonus the products even smell great!
Cape Cod All Natural often heard “I’m allergic to certain scents.”  In fact, in many cases it is the solvent used to evaporate the scent that is the actual culprit.
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