Beach Blonde Ale

Beach Blonde Ale

Availability: Year round

Style: American Blonde Ale

Description: Light and refreshing

A polished golden ale with a hint of toasted malt character and a clean finish. This refreshing, light-bodied American Blonde Ale is smooth and easy drinking. Perfect for the beach, the backyard or just relaxing after a long day. There’s an old saying that once you get the sand of the Cape in your shoes you’ll always return. We say, once you get a splash of Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale in your glass you’ll always come back for more.

OG: 11.5 °P (1.046SG)   ABV: 4.9%   IBUs: 10

Malts: Canadian Two Row, English Wheat, German Vienna & Carapils

Hops: Domestic Northern Brewer & Cascade

Food Pairing: Seafood, pizza, salad

Awards: 3rd Place in the category of Golden Ale at the 16th Great International Beer Festival, 3rd Place in the category of Golden Ale at the 23rd Great International Beer Festival

Packaging (subject to availability): growlers, howlers, 16oz cans, and on draft.

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