Cape Cod Beer Combats the Long Winter with Four Beer Releases in Four Weeks!

Cape Cod Beer Combats the Long Winter with Four Beer Releases in Four Weeks!

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Cape Cod Beer Combats the Long Winter with
Four Beer Releases in Four Weeks!

 Everywhere you turn people are talking about the weather, polar vortexes, snow banks higher than anyone remembers and a spring that seems destined to never come.  At the Cape’s only brewery they are combating this year’s seemingly long winter with lots of new beers.  In fact, starting on March 10th, Cape Cod Beer will release 4 beers in 4 weeks, including: March 10th: Stargazer Stout; March 17thBlack Van Lager; March 24th: Cape Cod Common and March 31st: Cape Cod Pilsener.  Two of these beers are new styles, and two are annual releases of spring favorites.  All 4 beers, aside from being available on tap at select locations, and at the brewery in growlers, will be available in the brewery’s newest bottle format, the 22oz “bomber”.  Each beer also has some sort of celebration attached to it – including a Star Party with local Stargazer Mike Gyra, two small brewery release parties and a Girls Pint Out Pot Luck.  When asked about all the events in March, Business Manager Beth Marcus responded, “We want to help people get out of their winter blues – spring is on the way, we’ll just have to hang on until it gets here”.  Brewmaster Todd Marcus added: “New beers give our production staff a chance to play with new recipes, new grains and hops – it’s a great time of year to let them show us what they can do.”    About the beers:

Stargazer Stout ~  Release Date: March 10th  This beer is typically released right before St. Patricks Day when everyone is thinking about Stouts.  A milk stout by style and brewed with plenty of roasted malt, this beer has lactose added during the boil, which is an unfermentable sugar that adds body and residual sweetness.  Named as a fundraiser for the Cobb Astro Park at Barnstable High School, this beer has raised over $2,000 in years past to support upgrades and repairs to the telescope mount and enclosure.  At the release party on 3/10, Mike Gyra, who spearheads the Astro Park at BHS, will do a presentation and weather permitting will allow brewery visitors to gaze at the stars with a telescope set up in the CCB parking lot. This is a free event, open to all ages.  Donations will be collected for the Astro Park via the Barnstable Education Foundation.

Black Van Lager ~ Release Date: March 17thA new beer to the CCB line up, this delightfully dark yet “sessionable” black lager has “ever so slight” toasted notes and a smooth finish. Designed and brewed by CCB Brewer Chris Meyer in homage to Cape Cod Beer’s first “official” delivery vehicle, the Black Van.  Interestingly enough Chris, who was born and raised in Sandwich, was Cape Cod Beer’s first “official” delivery person way back when, and over the last 7 years has worked to become a professional brewer, so it seemed more than appropriate for Chris to honor the black van with a beer of its own.  Making this beer even more special is the fact that the label art was designed by Jacob Marcus, 15 year old son of Cape Cod Beer owners, Beth & Todd Marcus.  Jacob is studying graphic design at Barnstable High School, and with the assistance of his teacher, Kristen Curtis, created the 22oz label design for Black Van Lager.  Hear the Brewer talk about inspiration for this beer, and meet the label designer at the Black Van Lager release party on 3/17 from 4-6pm

Cape Cod Common ~  Release Date: March 24th “Common Beer” was originally brewed for the working class. First produced in the mid-19th century-this style is known for its clarity, and refreshing nature. Cape Cod Common is a mash-up (pun intended) of an ale and a lager. CCB Brewers pitched lager yeast and fermented it at a higher temp-like an ale, making this “their take” on this old school American style  –  crisp and easy to drink. Flavors of biscuit are tucked into the background, with a subtle, but present hop aroma and flavor.  Cape Cod Beer is working with the folks at Sturgis Library to incorporate imagery of “olde Cape Cod” into the 22oz packaging for this beer.  The release party for this beer will be a women only pot luck event being held at the brewery on 3/24 from 6-8pm by Cape Cod Girl’s Pint Out.

Cape Cod Pilsener ~ Release Date: March 31stThis beer is Cape Cod Beer’s take on a continental pilsener.  This beer lagered in fermenters for over 6 weeks resulting in a crisp, clear and refreshing lager that is single hopped with Saaz, providing a spicy hop finish.  It’s the perfect beer for what all Cape Codders hope is warmer weather right around the corner.  It reminds us of baseball and spring walks on the beach and all things wonderfully Cape Cod.  Cape Cod Beer will kick off the release of this beer at the brewery on 3/31 with spring and baseball themed snacks from 4-6pm on 3/31.


About Cape Cod Beer: Cape Cod Beer is Cape Cod’s only microbrewery and has been making fresh local beer on Cape Cod since April of 2004. The brewery is located at 1336 Phinney’s Lane, where self-guided tours and beer tastings can be enjoyed during their retail hours: Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm, as well as Saturday 11am to 3pm. Guided Brewery Tours are free of charge, and given once daily at 11am.  Cape Cod Beer is available in over 330 restaurants and 130 package stores from Plymouth to Provincetown. To find Cape Cod Beer, use our Beer Finder found at  To learn more about Cape Cod Beer, please contact us at 508-790-4200 or see our website at