Cape Cod IPA

Cape Cod IPA

Availability: Year round

Style: India Pale Ale

Description: Bold and hoppy

This American Style IPA has a rich golden color & delivers a big, hoppy strike to your taste buds followed by a lingering blend of citrus with subtle malt undertones. India Pale Ale the way it ought to be. Watch out! It’s got a bite.

OG: 15.5°P (1.062SG)   ABV: 6.0%   IBUs: 70

Malts: English Wheat & Crystal, Canadian Pale

Hops: Domestic Chinook, Cascade & Willamette

Food Pairing: Spicy dishes, fried foods

Awards: 3rd Place in the category of India Pale Ale at the 18th Great International Beer Competition

Packaging (subject to availability): growlers, howlers, 16 oz cans, and on draft.

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