Cape Cod Porter

Cape Cod Porter

Availability: Year round

Style: Brown Porter

Description: Dark and malty

Originally an off-season offering, our porter developed such a large following we decided to offer it year round. Porter – a dark, drinkable, chocolatey ale – got its start as the favored drink of the common man and physical laborers of East London and is the precursor of current day stouts. Works great as a dessert beer as well. Try it on ice cream (trust us).

OG: 15.5 °P (1.060SG)   ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 28

Malts: Pale, English Crystal, Caramalt, Wheat & Chocolate

Hops: Domestic Northern Brewer & Willamette

Food Pairing: Hearty meats, barbecue, oysters, dessert

Awards: 2nd Place in the category of Brown Porter at the 17th Great International Beer Festival, 3rd Place in the category of Brown Porter at the 23rd Great International Beer Festival

Packaging (subject to availability): growlers, howlers, 16 oz cans, and on draft

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