Carrot Cake V2

Carrot Cake V2

Pilot Brew: Carrot Cake Belgian Strong Ale

Availability: V2: April 12, 2019 until gone

Style: Belgian Strong Ale

Description: Liquid carrot cake

This beer is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with carrot juice and golden raisins, and conditioned on cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans.

Version 2: 2019: The best part about doing Pilot Batches is getting the chance to experiment, and the ability to adapt the recipe based on past experience. While we were happy with V1, some of the Brew Crew had suggestions on a few changes to try.

This year we want to try juicing our own carrots, and adding lactose sugar to the brew to give it a body and flavor that might more resemble cake. We also want to try to juice our own carrots rather than using packaged carrot juice which has lemon added as a preservative. We also want to add a few more vanilla beans to really focus on that creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting flavor.

Version 1: Released June 8, 2018
We added carrot juice & golden raisins to this remarkable Belgian Strong Ale to create a beer that tastes amazingly similar to a fluffy, raisin filled carrot cake. The Belgian yeast produces an aroma similar to dark bread that nicely complements the carrot scent. The beer rolls over your tongue with sweet bready, raisin flavors. The taste of cinnamon and sweet vanilla bean gives a creamy finish to this unique beer.

ABV: 7.4%   IBUs: 25

Malts: Pale, Special B, Lactose Sugar

Hops: Magnum & Saaz

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery only