Cherry Belgian

Cherry Belgian

Availability: December 13th- until gone

Style: Belgian Witbier 

Description: A refreshing unfiltered Witbier with a fruity aroma.

This beer was made using a combination of Nor’East Gold and Pilsner malts, both locally sourced from Stone Path Malts. The hop character is minimal with added Magnum bittering hops to achieve about 16 IBUs. Added to the boil of the brew is flaked oats and an ancient spice from the Middle East, Mahleb. Mahleb is the pit of a sour cherry and the aroma is nutty with a hint of almond and cherry. Finally, all-natural tart cherry juice was added into the finished product to deliver a strong cherry after taste! 

Food Pairings: Seafood!

OG: 14.1 °P                                      ABV: 6.0%                                   IBUs: 16

Malts: Nor’East Gold (two round malt) & Pilsner (both locally sourced from Stone Path Malt)

Hops: Magnum bittering hops

Packaging: On Tap ONLY.

Brewed by: Dr. Andrew Barker