Christmas in July

Christmas in July

 Availability: Friday, July 23rd until it’s gone!

Style: Barrel-Aged English Old Ale

Description: Rich & Malty

Christmas in July is an ongoing tradition that originated in the early days of Cape Cod Beer. Every year, our Brewmaster preserves the last drops of Old Man Winter, our English Old Ale winter seasonal, and barrel ages it to be enjoyed in the heat of the summer. Weighing in around 8% ABV and made with over 2,000 pounds of malted barley, this beer is packed with malty flavor. The beer was aged for six months in whiskey barrels to impart notes of vanilla, caramel & spirits from the wooden whiskey barrels into the beer and produce this year’s unique Christmas in July vintage. Cheers!

OG: 19.0 °P (1.076SG)   ABV: 8.0%   IBUs: 65

Malts: English – 3 varieties   Hops: Domestic – 1 variety

Packaging (subject to availability): 750ml bottles.