New Construction Update

New Construction Update


This page documents this winter’s construction – starting at the BOTTOM of the page





Now we’re finishing up walls, bathrooms, installing plumbing and electrical – thanks to Paul Doel, Peter Kelly, Rusty’s Plumbing and and Bill Fligg Electrical (aka Sparky)



Next comes connecting the buildings …thanks to the guys from NEPS

APRIL 1st Cement was poured! Thanks to the folks at Falmouth Ready Mix for bringing us great concrete and Shawn Doyle for making us an awesome floor!!

 MARCH 24th 2013:

The wonderful folks at Controlled Environmental Spaces from Mansfield did a great job installing our MASSIVE walk in cooler.  Super excited about all that space, versus our multiple over crowded walk in now.  Also excited it was made in Massachusetts!

EARLY MARCH – let’s build us a mezzanine!

Building the mezzanine – thanks to folks like Paul Doel, Peter Kelly, Mike Rockwell, the folks from Bradford Steel and the wonderful folks at Shepley Wood Products

MID FEBRUARY – work is starting.  The hard working crew from Bortolotti has cut and installed the trench drain and recessed the floor for cement to be poured to pitch the floor to the drain.  Paul Doel and Peter Kelly doing great stuff prepping for the mezzanine.

construction header

The details behind cutting the trench drain


January 12, 2013:

construction update1


new blg1


new blg2

This is the current condition of the 4,000 sq feet to the right of the SEARS building.  We will be building out this space in the next 2-3 months.  Most of our large fermenters will be moved to this space.  We have 8 additional tanks also coming.  When all is done there will be 3 fermenters, 2 Hot liquor Tanks and a Whirlpool along with the BrewHouse remaining in this building.  The New Building will house all the rest of the fermenters, brite tanks, keg washing and packaging. This space will also house a 1,000 sq ft walk in cooler for finished packaged beer.