On June 1st our Retail Space Re-Opened to Walk In Customers for To-Go Beer and Merchandise!!

On June 9th we re-opened the Beer Garden for Seated Table Service.

On 8.11 we made major changes to our Retail Hours and Operation due to new Covid mandates.

Monday:  12pm to 6pm
Tuesday:  CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 12pm to 6pm**
Friday: 12pm to 6pm**
Friday Night: 6:30pm to 10pm (paid advance reservation required)
Saturday: 12pm to 6pm**
Sunday: 12pm to 6pm**

**Free Live Music Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays : 3-6pm


Contact Us with Questions, Concerns or Feedback!


  • If for medical/isolation concerns you require contactless curbside pickup, please call retail at 508-790-4200 and press 4
  • You do not have to wait at the hostess stand if you are JUST buying beer to go.
  • All retail customers must WEAR A MASK that covers their mouth and nose while inside the brewery retail space. CCB Retail Staff will also be required to wear a mask.
  • Customers refusing to wear a mask will be refused service and asked to leave. Shirts and Shoes will also be required. 😊
  • NO CHILDREN, DOGS, STROLLERS or LARGE PARTIES will be allowed inside the retail store at this time, as space is tight.
  • All people entering should be 21 years of age or older and prepared to be purchasing beer or merch.



Providing Seated Table Service is a REQUIREMENT by law to re-open for people wanting to drink onsite.  This is not “how we typically roll” so we are asking everyone to please be patient and follow the rules below:

  • Masks must be worn as soon as you enter the beer garden, and at all times EXCEPT when seated.  This means masks must be worn on the way to the bathroom, when you enter the retail store to buy beer to go, and any time you stand up and leave your table.  Please PLEASE follow this rule. We don’t want to police you any more than you want to wear the mask ( or be policed).. But our livelihood depends on being open, so we won’t take a lot of lip in regards to this rule.  It is rule number 1 for a reason. Thanks!  CCB Staff will all be wearing masks.
  • Maximum party size is 6.  This includes all party members, regardless of whether they are drinking or not. Your children ( if you bring them) are also part of your table count. This is a LAW, and not abiding by this will potentially get us shut down. Please don’t ask us to break this rule for you.  We love all our customers, but we love our licenses and the ability to be open more.  Thanks!
  • We have limited seating in the beer garden. It is 100% First Come First Served. You are not used to this – neither are we. But we’re doing our very best. We hope you will be patient and understanding. During live music, or very busy times, we kindly ask if you are done drinking that you might consider giving up your table for someone who is waiting.
  • Only one party will be allowed to wait at the hostess stand.  Any additional waiting parties will be required to return to your cars.
  • PLEASE DO NOT DRINK IN OUR PARKING LOT. This violates our license in so many ways it makes our heads hurt.  We are saying this because it has already happened. So please. No Drinking in our parking lot.
  • Every party will be required to leave a phone number for contact tracing.. just in case.
  • Dogs are welcome but must remain close at your side. Not everyone LOVES YOUR DOG.  We do.. but not everyone else does.
  • Children are welcome but must remain seated at your table. Not everyone LOVES YOUR KIDS.  We do.. but not everyone else does.
  • Please READ the SIGNS, FOLLOW the ARROWS, and LISTEN to our STAFF.  They were meant for you! They are there to help us. And you. And the people here when you are here.
  • Please don’t table swap. We wipe and sanitize each table after each party departs. It just means more work for us.
  • There will be NO SAMPLES/TASTINGS poured this time, JUST PINTS.  We are re-designing our sample system to have way less contact – stay tuned!
  • Yes we continue to have local wine and local cider at this time.  Just no samples/tastings..but soon!
  • We have limited seating under the tent. So if it rains.. please understand that.

Bottom line: we are required to enforce the rules set down as a stipulation for re-opening. We don’t love enforcing rules. Most people don’t.   What we do love is:

  • Being OPEN again!
  • Being on the right side of the law!
  • Seeing all our friends come back out and having fun!
  • Helping our local musicians by hiring them and giving them a safe place to play!
  • Helping our market vendors by giving them a safe space to sell their wares.
  • Saving our business from an unexpected demise.
  • Keeping our staff and customers safe.

If you feel the need to give us crap about the rules, please stay home. Seriously.  We are excited to be OPEN and are willing to jump through the hoops to do that.  We’d really appreciate it if you would be too!

We’re sure if we work together we can do this safely and successfully!
But please know that we will not hesitate to ask people to leave who aren’t willing to follow our rules.


Todd & Beth Marcus
and the Brew Crew at Cape Cod Beer