Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit

Availability: January 17th- until gone

Style: Baltic Porter

Description: This beer was brewed in the style of a Baltic Porter. Flavors and aromas of coffee, chocolate, and lingering dark fruit breakthrough this brew. The hop character is noticeable with added Magnum bittering hops and Saaz hops to achieve about 36 IBUs. 

Food Pairings: We’d recommend smoked or grilled red meats, sweet potatoes, and rich & creamy desserts 

OG: 20.4 ABV: 8.3% IBUs: 36

Malts: Light Munich, Maris Otter, CaraAroma, Crystal Teak, Aroma, Special B, and Chocolate Rye Malt

Hops: Magnum bittering hops, and Saaz hops

Packaging: On Tap ONLY.

Brewed by: Ryan Sheehan

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