Dry Hopped Buster Brown Ale

Dry Hopped Buster Brown Ale

Availability: May 21, 2021  – until its gone!

Style: American Brown Ale

Description: Malty and nutty

Our Buster Brown Ale is an American Brown Ale made with a blend of 6 different malts and a touch of rye to enhance the nutty character of the beer. Both Chinook & Cascade hops create an upfront hop bite and a mild citrusy aroma… For this Dry Hop de Jour we’ve added Columbus hops! The addition of Columbus enhances the citrusy aroma and creates an even greater bite. Making Buster’s Brown Ale pack a bunch at first but leaves you with smooth but intense flavor on the back end.

OG: 13.6 °P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.3%   IBUs: 46

Malts: Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Caramalt, Rye & Wheat

Hops: Chinook, Cascade & dry hopped with Columbus

Packaging (subject to availability): On draft & in 32oz howlers at the brewery only