Find the Cape Cod Beer Truck Contest

Find the Cape Cod Beer Truck Contest


This was so much fun last summer that we’ve decided to make it a year round contest!  Yup YEAR ROUND starting 4/1/13, and at the end of each month we’ll draw for a prize and start the competition all over again!

Here’s how it works.  SNAP a picture of one of our logo’d Cape Cod Beer trucks out and about, POST it to our Facebook Page, Twitter (@capecodbeer), Instagram (#capecodbeer) or email it to us… you will WIN a free pint glass.

Each photo you post will enter your name in a drawing for a monthly GRAND PRIZE… Prizes will vary each month based on season, but we promise it will have at least a $50 retail value and include super cool Cape Cod Beer stuff!

If you actually capture the faces of the Brew Crew members in your photo you will get a second entry in the drawing!

fine print:

  • Friends don’t let friends drive to endanger.. don’t endanger yourself  or anyone else for this competition. It’s not worth it.
  • More than 10 photos total must be posted for a grand prize to be drawn.
  • The photo must be real – it can not be “photoshopped” or stage/digitally created in any way.
  •  The photos can NOT be of trucks in the brewery parking lot or employee driveways.
  • Photos can only be submitted once.  No trying to submit last years or last months photo again.
  • Each new photo posted adds another entry in the grand prize drawing. Limit one entry per person per day.
  • Cheating is for losers and is therefore discouraged and the rules may be changed as we figure out how people are cheating (grin)
  • Prizes will not be mailed – must be picked up at the brewery.
  • Cape Cod Beer employees and their families are excluded from the contest.
  • Photos when uploaded to Cape Cod Beer become eligible for use by Cape Cod Beer.  Consider it your gift to us!
  • Those are all the rules we can think of at this time…subject to change.