Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm | 508-790-4200 | 1336 Phinney's Lane, Hyannis MA

Brewery Hours:
Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA


Free Live Music Line Up!

Looking to enjoy some cold craft beer and live music? Get on down to the brewery! Check out our current lineup below to see who’s playing when at the brewery.

DayTime Musician
Fri 6/73-6pmJake Bautista
Sat 6/83-6pmBirch Swart
Sun 6/93-6pmBrendan Okeefe
Fri 6/143-6pmPaul Horton
Sat 6/153-6pmKyle Morrison
Sun 6/163-6pmBrendan Princi
Fri 6/215-8pmDan Felix
Sun 6/233-6pmThe Marino Sisters
Fri 6/283-6pmChris Lebeau
Sat 6/295-8pmSarah Burrill
Sun 6/303-6pmBryce Elizabeth
Fri 7/55-8pmBrent Burwell
Sat 7/65-8pmBrendan Okeefe
Sun 7/73-6pmTed Wyman
Fri 7/123-6pmDan Felix
Sat 7/135-8pmDerek Dibbern
Sun 7/143-6pmThe Marino Sisters
Fri 7/193-6pmTed Wyman
Sat 7/203-6pmNeal Mccarthy
Sun 7/213-6pmDan Felix
Fri 7/265-8pmChris Lebeau
Sat 7/273-6pmKyle Morrison
Sun 7/283-6pmBryce Elizabeth
Fri 8/25-8pmBrent Burwell
Sat 8/35-8pmPaul Horton
Sun 8/43-6pmNeal Mccarthy
Fri 8/93-6pmDerek Dibbern
Sun 8/113-6pmSarah Burrill
Fri 8/165-8pmKyle Morrison
Sat 8/175-8pmDan Felix
Sun 8/183-6pmBirch Swart
Fri 8/233-6pmJake Bautista
Sun 8/253-6pmTBA
Fri 8/303-6pmBryce Elizabeth
Sat 8/315-8pmBrendan Okeefe
Sun 9/13-6pmPaul Horton
Fri 9/65-8pmAndrew Lowenstein
Sat 9/75-8pmThe Marino Sisters
Sun 9/83-6pmBryce Elizabeth
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