Girls Pint Out is Back! Join in the Fun!

Girls Pint Out is Back! Join in the Fun!

From the GPO Cape & Plymouth Facebook page: We’re gals into grolsch. Ladies into lagers. Princesses into pilsners. Angels of ale. You get the idea.

Girls’ Pint Out is an all-female organization that promotes solidarity between beer drinkers of the fairer sex. Through monthly events, field trips, meet-ups and drives, we seek to promote a sophisticated level of beer appreciation among women, and bolster the craft beer industry in general. (Boys are allowed on chains and when dining Alfresco.)

Mission: To increase our knowledge of beer through collaboration with fellow females, and introduce the uninitiated to superior suds. Women were the original brewers in Sumaria — let’s reclaim our supremacy!

Cape Cod Beer is not “behind” GPO per say – but we are happy to promote and participate in their events.

for more info go to, their facebook page or email sarah