GUAPO’s-Hotter than Hell Nights

GUAPO’s-Hotter than Hell Nights

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Guapo’s Hotter Than Hell Nights
136 RT-6A
Orleans, Massachusetts
Thursday October 29th

GUAPO’s Hot Blonde made with Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale muddled with fresh jalapeños and habaneros, – mango habanero margarita

– Kimchi quesadilla with pineapple habanero jam

– Hotter Than Hell Burger (spicy chorizo, pickled jalapeños and habanero jack cheese, ghost pepper ketchup ad sriracha aioli)

– Caliente baja wings

-GUAPO’s fire sauce.

GUAPO’s Hotter Than Hell nights are a winter special that will heat you up when the weather gets cold. It’s a special menu that they are going to be offering each Thursday throughout the winter until a yet to be determined date in the spring.