Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm | 508-790-4200 | 1336 Phinney's Lane, Hyannis MA

Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA


Harvest Hosts at Cape Cod Beer!

Below are the general rules and expectations for spending the night with us. Cape Cod Beer is a self-distributing microbrewery with a tap room and beer garden. We have lots of events and have a retail store inside the brewery where you can buy beer to go, and brewery merch. For our current hours and event details go to

Click here for our Site Map!

General Expectations:

  • We do not require that you check in or out with us. We are happy to have you but only really keep track of people who break the rules. All we ask is that you follow the guidelines and map provided! If you do that we promise we’ll all get along just great! We do not need to know if you are arriving late. The parking lot will still be here. If you happen to stay with us during a time when we are not open or you arrive and leave without getting into the store or brewery, you are welcome to Venmo us $20 @capecodbeer. It’s an honor system, and we appreciate the business, either way!
  • We ask our guests to park in a specific area of our parking on days that we are open. See map included. All parking is on gravel. Do not park on the paved lot.
  • We do not have any extras – like wifi, power, water, etc. If you are in a jam and need something please ask. If we can help we will. If not we can certainly tell you where to find it. We are Harvest Hosts members ourselves with a Lance Slide on camper.
  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PLUG INTO ANY ELECTRICAL OR TAKE WATER WITHOUT ASKING TODD OR BETH. This has happened once already and is risky to our brewery operation and makes us very angry, please don’t even consider it.
  • If you bring a dog – please clean up after it. We love dogs. We hate poop in the treads of our boots (doesn’t everyone?!).
  • We are a tenant here at 1336 Phinneys Lane, so please don’t park in places with signs for our neighbors. They love us – but hate when our guests park in their spots. Keeping our neighbors happy is important to us.
  • No open fires. Grilling is allowed. Gas grilling only please. No charcoal.
  • Please don’t dump anything in the woods.. and by anything we mean anything!
  • Please leave no trace. All dumpsters are off-limits. No exceptions. Neighbors are pretty sensitive about that as well.
  • Please don’t block any of our trucks or the general flow of the parking lot. It’s not that well organized – but it works. If you have questions – ask!
  • Generators: the HH Code of Conduct on generators says not before 8am and not after 10pm. We adhere to this rule.

Our phone numbers are as follows, if you need to reach us:
Beth Marcus: 774-836-5206 and Todd Marcus: 774-836-2121

Within Walking Distance:

  • Hathaways Pond and the Barnstable Dog Park. (200 yards down Phinney’s Lane)
  • Stop and Shop Grocery Store – across Attuck’s Lane
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club – also down Attucks. Same side as brewery.
  • Dunkin Donuts on Route 132 /across Attuck’s Lane near stop and Shop
  • Mike’s Pizza on Route 132 /across Attuck’s Lane near stop and Shop
  • Luke’s Liquors on Route 132 /across Attuck’s Lane near stop and Shop
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