Cape Cod Dawgs – Snacks and More

Cape Cod Dawgs is now a Snack Bar Inside the Brewery!

Beginning June 25th

Weekdays 12:00  to 5:30 pm
Saturdays 12:00 to 3:30 pm

Cape Cod Dawgs started as a lesson in entrepreneurship. 
As we started planning the Cape Cod Beer Garden in 2013 we realized that there were very few mobile food trucks licensed in the town of Barnstable. So when we found this beauty, a 1979 Chevy powered Grumman Food Truck, on Craigslist it caught our eye.

At the same time we were also trying to help our (then) 14 year old son Jacob, find his first summer job. Suddenly a crazy idea came to our head.. we’d buy the hot dog truck and help Jacob and 3 friends run it all summer parked in front of the brewery. That idea has become Cape Cod Dawgs.

Cape Cod Dawgs has been a successful venture ever since. In 2014 it was run once again by Jacob Marcus and 3 friends.  Each year since local teens have worked here learning business skills like customer service, estimating inventory needs, preparing a bank deposit and more. Jacob has now moved on as is in college .  Harrison has also moved on and is preparing to apply to college in the fall.

Today: The teen-run snack business at Cape Cod Beer is in its 6th season and is run by 6 area teens; Cait, Maggie, Brooke, Lila, Lucy and Kellyn.  We’ve moved the business inside the brewery taproom and are building our menu to include many of your old favorites and some new things as well. Stop in and see them, ask them what it’s like to run their own business, and grab a great lunch or snack…you’ll be glad you did