Hurricane Irene

So the general concensus around here is that we should all be well prepared for IRENE…even if she ends up like last years’ EARL.  So the bottom line for brewery hours is this: Once it gets close to being dangerous for our own employees to be on the road driving home, we will CLOSE.   If we have to close early we will post it on Facebook and our website..but given that we close on Saturday at 2pm and do not open again until Monday at Noon, we assume most of the storm will be over by then.

If there is significant damage during the storm, please call before you come here.  We will not open the brewery until our employees have gotten their own homes and families settled and can get here.  Again, this may all pass like a simple storm, or not, but we plan to be prepared.

And as a bit of levity, we have to pass on a great graphic posted orginally by our friends at House of Bud’s: