Riders wanted for Team Cape Cod Beer.

The twentieth annual Last Gasp will be held September 18, 2011.  Come join us in one of Cape Cod’s quintessential fundraising events which features a 62 mile bike ride along beautiful Rt. 6A from Sandwich to Provincetown, an hour long Cape Cod Bay cruise aboard a Dolphin Fleet ferry boat, and a traditional Cape Cod clambake with all the fixin’s. This event incorporates so many things that are good. It’s athletic, very social, and ends with an incredible feast of lobster, clams, corn, chowder, and chicken. If you take part, it will prove to be one of your most fun days of 2011.

This is a Charity Event.  It’s primary purpose is to raise money for 7 local charities! Each rider is REQUIRED to raise a minumum of $500 to ride.  We ask that Team Cape Cod Beer members attempt to be a BIG WHEEL ($1,000 or more!)  Last year half our riders were BIG WHEELS (12 out of 25…amazing!)..and as a Team we raised over $27,000…add that to the party..and Team Cape Cod Beer raised close to $35,000…with some members raising as little as $500 and some as much as $3,500.

Last year was our first year having a real team…and we had 25 members!  We learned alot and hope to make it even more fun for our team…including group rides and more excuses to get together a drink beer..I mean ride our bikes!

To sign up, You register yourself here:

If you want to be on team cape cod beer you say that when you register.

When registering you also get to designate WHO you ride for.

The choices are:

  • SPLIT between all 7 charities…or choose ONE beneficiary:
  • Alzheimer’s Services of Cape Cod & Islands
  • Kiwanis of Hyannis and Sandwich
  • Cape Cod Young Professionals
  • Hospice and Palliative Care of Cape Cod
  • Cultural Center of Cape Cod
  • Cape and Islands United Way
  • Champ Homes

There are many kinds of LAST GASPers riders…

  1. People who ride to win ( or finish well)
  2. People who ride for fun and the challenge of completing the event
  3. People who ride to raise money and awareness for some of the finest local charities
  4. People who don’t ride but raise lots of money.
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above.

Half our team are excellent riders who finish at the front of the pack ( that makes us look good athletically).  The other half like to say they did it (or do it every year) and don’t really care where they finish..many of which are good fundraisers (which makes us look good too!)  We need BOTH kinds!!

Honestly Jacob (12) and Beth (??), both riding on mountain bikes (not recommended but clealry do-able) batted clean up most of the ride…and they had a blast…and raised close to $5,000 together.. so it is not about WINNING.. or EVEN RIDING.  Want to join our team and raise funds and help at the water stops?!  That’s AWESOME TOO!  We’ve even debated a walking team… maybe not a whole distance…but we’re open to anyone who wants to participate.. there are also opportunities to raise money and just join in on the clam bake!

This link describes exactly what the ride/day is like..

Some FAQs…and answers:

Q: I don’t think I can raise the money! What do I do?

A: YOU CAN!   No one LIKES to ask for money. There are some great techniques employed by our team.. Many of us write letters and have had great response.  Everyone has a doctor, a dentist. a hair dresser/barber etc..  That’s a great start.  Don’t not ride because of this fear.. We’ll give you tips and pointers!

Q. I don’t have a bike.

A. This is a problem if you want to ride.  You can rent one or maybe borrow.. check craigslist…ask a  friend.

Q. Can I ride on my Mountain Bike?

A.  Yes it is doable.  It’s a lot harder..but yes doable.  Road bikes are highly recommended.

Q. Why join a team? Can’t I ride alone?!

A. Of course you can ride alone! But riding as a team lets you meet new people, and we provide you with a cool styling shirt..and of course there is that beer thing too!


Q. What if I don’t make it all the way to Provincetown?!

A.  Sag baby… Love the sag wagon.. get a ride.. start riding again.. no worries!

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