Learn to Homebrew

Learn to Homebrew

Starting a new hobby can be intimidating, so in an effort to help people learn how to brew their own beer, Cape Cod Beer will offer a Learn to Homebrew Class.   In this aspiring class brewers will learn everything they need to know to brew and bottle their very first batch of beer.  Tips and tricks from seasoned homebrewers will be shared by members of the Cape Cod Beer Brew Crew.

Class offered the 3rd Tuesday of the month: July 21, & August 18th (pick one)

Class runs from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

For a $40 fee per student, the class includes:

  • Classroom Materials and hands on demonstrations describing the brewing and bottling process.
  • A copy of the Complete Joy of Homebrewing – the bible! If you already own this then we’ll provide the Companion Book. ($15 Value).
  • A $20 coupon good for future homebrew supplies purchased at Cape Cod Beer ($20 value)
  • A pint of beer to enjoy during class ($5 value)

Students must register in advance. This can be done at the brewery. You must be 21 to participate.

Questions?  Please contact the brewery at 508-790-4200 ext 4

Why Homebrew? Homebrewing has a long history in America and around the world. Beer had been brewed in people’s homes since the dawn of agriculture several thousand years ago. In colonial times, homebrewing was a common household practice, typically performed by women. Many of the Nation’s founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were homebrewers.  The American Homebrewers Association estimates that 1 million Americans brew beer at home at least once a year.  Even President Obama has been known to homebrew at the White House! On Cape Cod there is an active homebrew club with 30-40 active members, called the Cape Cod Lager and Ale Makers (CCLAMS) that meets on the first Wednesday of the month (they do not meet in July and August) at Cape Cod Beer.