MERCH PRE-ORDER: What’s That All About?

MERCH PRE-ORDER: What’s That All About?


Keep reading if you want to understand WHY we are using a PRE-Order System:

So when COVID 19 caused the shutdown of the restaurants we, like everyone else were shocked!
It had a drastic sudden negative impact on our business, and we, like many others, were forced to make some pretty drastic decisions.
Fast forward almost 6 months and we’re starting to understand the tenuous nature of the rest of this year and likely into 2021.

One of the big things we did when COVID struck was freeze all spending. This meant no re-orders on merchandise (“merch”) for our retail store. This was done in an effort to preserve cash, and was very effective in cutting our expenses back significantly.

But we still had a ton of inventory and no one coming into our store, so we threw in a 15% off across almost all our merch.  We have successfully whittled our inventory down next to nothing. Thanks to our “15% off sale” ( we think) and the generous nature of people who “just want to help” we have gone thought much of our inventory, and have gotten LOTS of questions re Clothing.

So now it is time to try to bring some things back, but cost effectively, which is why we are “trying” the concept of pre-order. This means that likely once a month for the next 6 months or so we will launch a pre-order and then ship shirts as they come in.  If this works and isn’t awful for you our customers.. or our staff, then we might do other things.. like hats etc.  We are also talking about bringing in some new glassware.  Slowly.

So to start we are bringing back our 4 best selling shirts:

  • Save the Earth ( we call this our eco T)
  • In Dog Beers ( we call this the buster brown T)
  • Hurricane Evacuation Plan ( finger crossed we won’t .. can’t even say it!)
  • Wordle ( this is the one with the outline of Cape Cod words)

We are also trying out a NEW DESIGN.. drumroll please.. we are calling:  Cape & Islands Glassware.. which is a map like representation of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard made completely out of beer related glassware.

All designs can be purchased in the following formats:

  • Unisex T shirt
  • Ladies T shirt
  • Long Sleeve T Shirt
  • Hooded Sweatshirt

Once we get things rolling we may be able to consider other colors or maybe even designs on a special order basis.  But give us this first round to get ourselves “situated” please.  Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Contact Us!