Mission: Small Business

Chase is giving away $250,000 grants to small businesses.  We’d  like to be one of them!
There are four ways you can help:
  1. Go to the Mission Small Business Site and VOTE for us.  We must have 250 votes by June 30th to qualify.  You must login with a facebook account. It’s a social media driven contest, so it might be a good excuse to finally join facebook for some of you! ( and we’re thinking more votes makes us look better.. so keep voting after 250 please!)
  2. Vote for other small businesses too.  Each vote adds $5 to the pot.  If they reach the 3 million dollar mark TWELVE grants will be awarded..more grants = more chances…so vote for others too.
  3. Go to this note on our facebook page about why you think we should win.
  4. Tell your friends to VOTE and leave a NOTE.
Thanks in advance for your help – it’s a long shot.. but worth the effort!