Wondering why we’re Growing our Cape Cod Mo (Mustache) for MOVEMBER? In the last year we have had TWO good friends..who are also friends of CCB..turn 50 and have their first PSA test.. only to find out they had Prostate Cancer. Both, thankfully, are doing well – but it did make us think that maybe PSA tests should be done earlier…and when the opportunity to get involved with something that helps promote men’s health we jumped on it. Besides.. growing a MO is something everyone should try at least once..a year? more details

So you can help us out in any of the following ways:

JOIN OUR TEAM and grow your Cape Cod MO for MOVEMBER when registering ID team Cape Cod Beer

DONATE ONLINE to our team or one of our MO Bros. (search for Cape Cod Beer.. or a member of our team)

• Come to our SHOW US YOUR MO PARTY on 11/29.

• Drop a few bucks in the fishbowl at the brewery. All the money collected in MOvember goes to the cause.

• Become a MO Sista…and get your man, bro, dad or colleagues to Grow their Mo and join our team.

• Take better care of yourself – have a PSA test – Eat better – Exercise more. We all know we could use to do this! If that’s not your case.. good for you! You inspire us!

Almost all of the BREW CREW is growing their Cape Cod Mo…so if you see them..encourage them! We all know that whether you’re growing your hair or your mo you can come across some awkward stages (grin).