Cape Cod Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter – Winter Specialty Brew

Availability: Brewed annually Jan/Feb time frame and at brewery only.     
Style: Old Ale or Strong Ale
“A British-Style Old Ale, this beer was brewed with winter in mind. Weighing in at just over 7% and made with over 1,000 pounds of malted barley, “Old Man Winter” is perfect for sipping by the fire while the winds whip up off Cape Cod Bay.             
OG: 19.0 °P (1.076SG)  ABV: 8.0%   IBUs: 65
Malts: English – 3 varieties   Hops: Domestic – 1 variety        
Food Pairing:Pairs well with cheese and fruits, and grilled or roasted, meats, game or stews

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