Our Beers

  • Beach Blonde Ale

    Beach Blonde Ale

    A refreshing American Blonde Ale, perfect for the beach.

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  • Cape Cod Red

    Cape Cod Red

    Our flagship Amber Ale with caramel and toffee malt notes.

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  • Cape Cod IPA

    Cape Cod IPA

    Our Flagship IPA. A traditional take on an east coast style IPA.

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  • Cape Cod Porter

    Cape Cod Porter

    A very drinkable brown porter. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

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  • Narrow Lands NE-IPA

    Narrow Lands NE-IPA

    Grapefruit, guava, mango, and orange rind all give this beer another level of thirst-quenching bite that is still somehow soft and mellow.

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  • Cape Cod Harvest

    Cape Cod Harvest

    Availability: August 2019 Style: German Ale Description: Mild and drinkable This smooth, straw-colored ale is similar to an Oktoberfest. It’s brewed with a blend of six malts with just enough noble hop character to provide a balanced finish. Harvest is an award winner, earning Gold multiple times at the Great International Beer Festival. Prost! OG: 11.9°P (1.048SG)   ABV: 5%   IBUs: 18 […]

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  • Shucker’s Reward Oyster Stout

    Shucker’s Reward Oyster Stout

    Featuring oysters from every town on Cape Cod!

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  • Steady As She Gose

    Steady As She Gose

    Gose is a warm fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. Dominant flavors in gose include a lemon sourness, a herbal characteristic, and a strong saltiness (we are using LOCAL sea salt). We are currently resisting the strong urge to add fruit- we’ll add some in the future!   Release date changed from 8/9 to 8/16.  Some […]

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  • Weizenbock


    Availability: September 21st, until gone Style: Unfiltered Bavarian Wheat Beer Description: Malty and aromatic Packaging (subject to availability): Growlers, Howlers, and on draft. Weizenbock is a strong, malty, fruity, wheat-based ale combining the best flavors of a dunkelweizen and the rich strength and body of a bock. Weizenbock has the distinction of being one of the heavy-hitters […]

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  • Shillelagh Irish Pale Ale

    Shillelagh Irish Pale Ale

    Availability: 2/24/2020 until it’s gone! Style: Irish Pale Ale Description: “Crushable” Pale Ale with an Irish twist The beer was designed to be easy drinking and not too high in alcohol so that you could enjoy more than one. Made with Irish Ale Malt, and clover honey, this beer is Irish through and through. About the name: (from […]

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  • Belgian IPA

    Belgian IPA

    We are in the process of experimenting with this beer. We will update details when the brewing process has begun! Cheers!

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  • Cranberry Harvest

    Cranberry Harvest

    Tart, cranberry zing balanced with malty sweetness.

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  • Sour Blonde Ale Berry Mash-Up

    Sour Blonde Ale Berry Mash-Up

    Availability:  August 2nd, until gone! Just in time for the heat of the summer, we’ve got the perfect solution to cool you down.  We took our Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale and aged it in Whiskey barrels, allowing it to naturally sour, then finished it by adding fresh Raspberries & Blackberries.  As you take your […]

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  • Buster’s Brown Ale

    Buster’s Brown Ale

    Availability: October 24th – until gone Style: American Brown Ale Description: Malty and nutty This American Brown Ale is brewed with a touch of rye to enhance the nutty character of the beer. Made with a blend of 6 different malts that includes pale, light crystal, chocolate, wheat, caramalt and rye. The flavor of the malts dominate the […]

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  • Stormy Night on Rum Row

    Stormy Night on Rum Row

    Escape into the dark veil of night with our imperial stout aged for over a year in oak rum barrels, one sip will transport you back to the 1920s.

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  • Breakfast Blonde

    Breakfast Blonde

    Availability: 9/9/19 until gone Style: Coffee Blonde Description: Light & Bold Breakfast Blonde is an unexpected combination of flavors made in collaboration with our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. Enjoy the light toastiness of our Blonde Ale enhanced by the dark roastiness of their popular Vienna Roast Coffee. This light brew has a crisp and […]

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  • Pilsener


    A Bohemian Pilsner, available just in time for baseball season.

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  • Cape Cod Summer

    Cape Cod Summer

    A Bavarian Hefe-Weizen with flavors of clove and banana.

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  • Christmas In July

    Christmas In July

    Whiskey barrels aging imparts notes of vanilla, caramel & spirits into this malty English Old Ale.

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  • Curonian Spit

    Curonian Spit

    Availability: January 17th- until gone Style: Baltic Porter Description: This beer was brewed in the style of a Baltic Porter. Flavors and aromas of coffee, chocolate, and lingering dark fruit breakthrough this brew. The hop character is noticeable with added Magnum bittering hops and Saaz hops to achieve about 36 IBUs.  Food Pairings: We’d recommend smoked or grilled red […]

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  • Old Man Winter – Winter Specialty Brew

    Old Man Winter – Winter Specialty Brew

    Old Man Winter – Winter Specialty Brew Availability: Brewed annually and at brewery only. Style: Old Ale or Strong Ale “A British-Style Old Ale, this beer was brewed with winter in mind. Weighing in at just over 7% and made with over 1,000 pounds of malted barley, “Old Man Winter” is perfect for sipping by […]

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  • Blueberry Coffee Porter

    Blueberry Coffee Porter

    Availability: Until it’s gone Style: Brown Porter Description: Dark and malty Nothing screams summertime on Cape Cod like blueberries! We’ve blended our vanilla bean porter with a blueberry coffee bean roasted just for us by our friends at Cape Cod Coffee. The result is the perfect blend of creamy sweetness and tart summer fruit, making our porter […]

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  • Smoked Helles

    Smoked Helles

    This beer is currently being brewed, we will have more details to come when we do a tasting. Check back soon! Release Date: Septemeber 13th

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  • Fur Missile

    Fur Missile

    Biere Du Jour limited release of Fur Missile!

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  • Bitter End Imperial IPA

    Bitter End Imperial IPA

    Brewed in the tradition of the Imperial IPAs of the West Coast.

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  • MinChoPo


    Our Porter with the bright flavor of mint and sweet cacao nibs.

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  • Nox Atra Imperial Stout

    Nox Atra Imperial Stout

    Bold and complex, Nox Atra layers a roasty mild bitterness with the sweet flavors of black cherries and plums to create a dark, intense and warming palate pleaser.

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  • Top o’ The Morning Irish Coffee Stout

    Top o’ The Morning Irish Coffee Stout

    Whiskey barrel aged Oyster Stout infused with Irish Cream coffee!

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  • 8 Horses Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

    8 Horses Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

    Availability: In Luke’s Stores across Cape Cod starting around February 10, 2019 – until its gone! Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Description: Smooth & Spirited About the Beer: 8 Horses started as an amazing beer named: ‘Nox Atra’, which means means ‘Dark as Night’ in Latin, and is an appropriate name for this opaque Imperial Stout. Rich […]

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  • Sour Blonde Ale with Raspberry

    Sour Blonde Ale with Raspberry

    Availability:  July 19th until gone Just in time for the heat of the summer, we’ve got the perfect solution to cool you down.  We took our Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale and aged it in Whiskey barrels, allowing it to naturally sour, then finished it by adding fresh Raspberries.  As you take your first sip, […]

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  • Coffee S’more

    Coffee S’more

    Coffee S’mores is our Oyster Stout with local Chocolate Macadamia Coffee & Cacao Nibs! Contains Nuts & Shellfish ‘Tis the season to be sitting around a roaring campfire, coffee in hand while roasting a marshmallow to perfection! It’s time to enjoy the fall with our Coffee S’mores specialty beer! We’ve taken our oyster stout and […]

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  • Do it for the Graham   

    Do it for the Graham   

    Our Brew Crew is currently experimenting with this Pilot Brew, we’ll update when we have more details! Check back soon!

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  • A Juicy IPA

    A Juicy IPA

    Release date July 12 2019 – until gone! Attention:  No oranges were harmed in the making of this beer. Just in time for the dog days of Summer, we’ve brewed up a seriously juicy IPA for your (and our) enjoyment.  In what will surely be love at first sip, you’ll immediately be hit with the […]

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  • Big Sea Saison

    Big Sea Saison

    Bright citrus overtone matched with an effervescent, dry finish, a hint of pepper and a little bit of funk.

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  • Sour Blonde Ale with Blackberry

    Sour Blonde Ale with Blackberry

    Release date July 5 2019 – Until Gone Just in time for the heat of the summer, we’ve got the perfect solution to cool you down.  We took our Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale and aged it in Whiskey barrels, allowing it to naturally sour, then finished it by adding fresh blackberries.  As you take […]

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  • Raspberry Berliner Weisse

    Raspberry Berliner Weisse

    Release date June 14 2019 – Until Gone Calling all wine lovers!  This pilot brew carries a deep red wine color and is enjoyed by both wine and beer lovers alike.  This is the perfect beer for the fast-approaching warmer weather with it’s fruity, sour, dry and refreshing body.  With an initial raspberry tartness, the […]

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  • CentenniALE


    American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Centennial hops with a smooth texture & a little bit of bite

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  • Cape Cod Dunkel Weizen

    Cape Cod Dunkel Weizen

    A dark, complex wheat beer traditional in southern Germany.

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  • American Imperial IPA

    American Imperial IPA

    Release Date: 11/08

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  • 12 Beers of Christmas!

    12 Beers of Christmas!

    Availability: Only 72 cases will be produced.  Available for pick up starting Black Friday 11/29/19 – until they are gone!  12 Beers of Christmas is a returning hit from Cape Cod Beer for the holiday season! Our Brew Crew is working on hand-selecting their very best recipes, check back soon for a full list of […]

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  • Cranberry Saison

    Cranberry Saison

    A bright citrus overtone, a touch of cranberry tartness and an effervescent, dry finish.

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  • Cranberry Wheat

    Cranberry Wheat

    Availability: Autumn Style: Hefe-Weizen  (Unfiltered Bavarian Wheat Beer) Description: A pale, spicy, fruity wheat ale. This traditional Bavarian Hefe-Weizen (wheat beer) is popular in Bavaria  Pronounced Hay-fa-VI-tsen, this beer style is unfiltered and known for its unique banana and clove flavors, which come from the special German yeasts used in fermentation. This beer is infused with cranberries from […]

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  • P.B. Stout

    P.B. Stout

    Release Date March 6th.

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  • Belgian Cellar Dweller Dark Strong Ale

    Belgian Cellar Dweller Dark Strong Ale

    Availability: 3/8/19 – until it gone. At the brewery by the pint, half pint and sample only. Not packaged or available in growers or to go. Beer Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale OG: 20 P ABV: 9% IBU: 35 Malts: Franco-Belgian Pilsner, Aromatic Malt, Biscuit Malt, Special B, Belgian Candi Syrup (technically not a malt) […]

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  • Elderberry Saison

    Elderberry Saison

    Tart fruitiness with bright citrus tones & a dry finish

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  • Float Your Boatmeal Stout

    Float Your Boatmeal Stout

    Silky, smooth texture with a gently roasted character.

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  • My Tern IPA with Citra & Galaxy

    My Tern IPA with Citra & Galaxy

    Availability: 2/8/19 Style: India Pale Ale – NE and NZ style Description: Juicy IPA Dig those juicy IPAs? This one has a strong citrus & passion fruit aromas with a light resinful bitterness and a smooth malt/fruit balance that reminds you of mango. Yum! My tern – give me more! OG: 15.5 °P   ABV: 6.0%   IBUs: 37 Malts: 2 Row, Pils, Caramalt, […]

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  • Bière de Mars

    Bière de Mars

    Check our beerfinder app to see if we are still available!!!

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  • “15” Barrel Aged Sour Amber Ale

    “15” Barrel Aged Sour Amber Ale

    Availability: April 15th, 2019 – until goneStyle: Barrel-Aged Sour Amber Ale Description: Cape Cod Beers flagship Amber Ale, Barrel aged in a whiskey barrel for many years undergoing a lengthy natural souring process. Tested by our brewers up until release, this thick bodied sour amber ale has a fruity grape or cherry like aroma with […]

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  • Carrot Cake V2

    Carrot Cake V2

    Pilot Brew: Carrot Cake Belgian Strong Ale Availability: V2: April 12, 2019 until gone Style: Belgian Strong Ale Description: Liquid carrot cake This beer is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with carrot juice and golden raisins, and conditioned on cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Version 2: 2019: The best part about doing Pilot Batches is getting the […]

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  • Little Old Man

    Little Old Man

    A gently sour session beer with tones of apple skin & light wood characteristics

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  • Nox Atra Imperial Stout W/ Dark Chocolate & Raspberries

    Nox Atra Imperial Stout W/ Dark Chocolate & Raspberries

    Availability: January 31, 2020- until gone

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  • Cherry Chocolate Nox Atra

    Cherry Chocolate Nox Atra

    Imperial Stout aged on dried Bing cherries and cacao nibs from Chequessett Chocolate.

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  • Breakfast Blonde

    Breakfast Blonde

    The light toastiness of our Blonde Ale enhanced by the dark roastiness of Vienna Roast Coffee.

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  • Coffee Nox Atra

    Coffee Nox Atra

    Availability: October 26, 2018 Style: Imperial Stout Description:  Bold & complex, Nox Atra layers a roasty mild bitterness with the sweet flavors of black cherries and plums to create a dark, intense and warming palate pleaser. Complemented by Vienna Roast Coffee from our friends at Cape Cod Coffee, this beer is just plain delicious! ABV:  8.5%   IBUs: 64 […]

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  • Vanilla Nox Atra

    Vanilla Nox Atra

    Madagascar Vanilla brings another layer of flavor to this tasty beer.

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  • Coffee Vanilla Nox Atra

    Coffee Vanilla Nox Atra

    Imperial Stout with Vienna Roast Coffee & Madagascar Vanilla Beans!

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  • Old Dude

    Old Dude

    Our flagship amber ale bourbon barrel aged for more than 10 years!

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  • Cape Cod Pale Ale

    Cape Cod Pale Ale

    Our APA originally brewed to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our founding – back by popular demand.

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  • Pink Boots Pale Ale

    Pink Boots Pale Ale

    Triple dry hopped, Pink Boots Pale Ale presents with strong fruit esters. The flavor is light with a complex fruitiness that slowly unfolds.

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  • Vanilla Bean Porter

    Vanilla Bean Porter

    Rich, dark and creamy with a sweet, buttery aroma

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  • Stargazer Stout

    Stargazer Stout

    A Milk Stout by style, often referred to as a sweet stout.

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  • Tide Jewels Saison

    Tide Jewels Saison

    Earthy, peppery bite of Saison with citrus & gin flavors.

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  • Czech Dark Lager

    Czech Dark Lager

    Availability: Friday, April 3rd – until GONE! Description: There’s a first time for everything, they say….welcome to #covid19in2020. We always try to find the silver lining in all situations, so here’s one that comes out directly in your favor: our FIRST PILOT OFFERING TO-GO ONLY! This medium bodied, earthy lager starts with notes of fresh […]

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  • Cordially Yours

    Cordially Yours

    Availability: For Valentine’s Day – Febuary 1, 2019 Style: Barrel Aged English Old Ale aged with cherries and Chequessett Chocolate Cacao nibs Description: Reminiscent of a chocolate covered cherry! About the Base Beer:Christmas in July is an on-going tradition that originated in the early days of Cape Cod Beer. Every year, our Brewmaster preserves the last drops of Old […]

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  • Cherry Belgian

    Cherry Belgian

    Availability: December 13th- until gone Style: Belgian Witbier  Description: A refreshing unfiltered Witbier with a fruity aroma. This beer was made using a combination of Nor’East Gold and Pilsner malts, both locally sourced from Stone Path Malts. The hop character is minimal with added Magnum bittering hops to achieve about 16 IBUs. Added to the […]

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  • Coconut Coffee Porter

    Coconut Coffee Porter

    A subtle blend of the flavors of chocolate, coffee & coconut

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  • Coffee Oatmeal Stout

    Coffee Oatmeal Stout

    Availability: Specialty Style: Coffee Oatmeal Stout Description: Medium-bodied with a smooth coffee finish Coffee and beer, the best of both worlds!  Our specialty stout is  made with 9 different malt varieties and infused with perfectly roasted coffee from Cape Cod Coffee. Coffee and oatmeal…it’s not just for breakfast! OG: 16.7°P   ABV: 5.5%   IBUs: 42 Malts: (German & English) Pale, Cara malt, Crystal […]

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  • La Calavera Catrina

    La Calavera Catrina

    This Mexican coffee oatmeal stout features cinnamon and coffee beans grown in the southernmost mountainous region of Mexico.

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  • Spiced Monsooned Malabar Oatmeal Stout

    Spiced Monsooned Malabar Oatmeal Stout

    Oatmeal stout infused with coffee, cacao nibs, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla & cardamom

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  • Max & Carlota’s Mexican Vienna Lager

    Max & Carlota’s Mexican Vienna Lager

    Availability: May 10th til it’s gone! Pilot release as are draft only at the brewery. Style: Mexican Vienna Lager Description: Clean and malty Overall impression: smooth, elegant malt character derived from high quality German malts, with moderate strength, balanced profile and clean finish. Aroma: moderately malty with bready and caramel notes – a hint of […]

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  • Anne Bonny’s Bounty

    Anne Bonny’s Bounty

    Strong & bold, like it’s namesake, aged in Twenty Boats Rum Barrels.

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  • Top Notch

    Top Notch

    Smooth oatmeal stout balanced with vanilla & whiskey.

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  • Return of the Milk Stout

    Return of the Milk Stout

    This thick, rich stout has a roasty aroma & a sweet finish!

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  • Nugget Session Ale

    Nugget Session Ale

    Herbal and aromatic with a crisp finish

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  • Queen Bee American Wheat

    Queen Bee American Wheat

    Lemon ginger tea complements the sweetness of local honey & gives the beer depth of flavor.

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  • Lone Galaxy IPA

    Lone Galaxy IPA

    A lone representation of the much loved Galaxy hop.

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  • Mango Paradise NE IPA

    Mango Paradise NE IPA

    Made with mango juice, Citra & Mosaic hops!

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  • Citra Crush Pale Ale

    Citra Crush Pale Ale

    Crushable, single hop Pale Ale with citrus & tropical fruit tones.

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  • Garden Gnome Pale Ale

    Garden Gnome Pale Ale

    A refreshing light sipper with slight & balanced bitterness and a resin-filled finish.

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  • Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake

    A Belgian Strong Ale with a remarkable carrot cake flavor.

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  • Czechmate Pils

    Czechmate Pils

    This traditional Czech-Pilsner is a smooth & easy drinker.

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  • MoGalaxy


    Sweet & light, this hazy IPA has aromas of passion fruit & citrus.

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  • Augustus Gloop’s Glee

    Augustus Gloop’s Glee

    Subtle flavors & aromas of chocolate with a dry finish.

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  • Citra Pale Ale

    Citra Pale Ale

    Citrusy smooth, the sweet & smooth flavors morph into a gradual bitterness that lingers on the pallet. 

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  • Mairzy Doats Oatmeal IPA

    Mairzy Doats Oatmeal IPA

    Mellow & citrusy, a smooth character with a lingering hop finish

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  • November Wheat

    November Wheat

    A dark American Wheat with a toasty flavor and a hint of hops

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  • Kilt & Cutlass

    Kilt & Cutlass

    Export style Scottish Ale exclusive to the brewery!

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  • Nectar of the Todds

    Nectar of the Todds

    Tons of fruity and dank flavors are balanced by a heavy-handed usage of Vienna and crystal malts

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  • Thunder Moon Double IPL

    Thunder Moon Double IPL

    Dank American hops supply citrus, mango, & grapefruit aromas, balanced by subtle bitterness & malty flavors

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  • Hoppy Cream Ale

    Hoppy Cream Ale

    Crisp, clean, refreshing, easy to drink with a hop complexity

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  • Mostly Dark Rye IPA

    Mostly Dark Rye IPA

    Complex mixture of roasted & nutty flavors with a wonderfully-dank hop aroma & taste

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  • Pilsner Never Dies

    Pilsner Never Dies

    Flowers! Herbs! Plants! Springtime! Clean and refreshing flavor

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  • Belgian Tripel

    Belgian Tripel

    Spicy, herbal, bubbly, and weighing in at a hefty 9.5% ABV

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  • 5 Rings IPL

    5 Rings IPL

    Smooth-bready flavors with intense notes of citrus peel & juice.

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  • Smoked Stout

    Smoked Stout

    Dark, smoky, hint of maple sweetness, a well-rounded and surprisingly delicate beer.

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  • S.M.a.S.H.


    S.M.a.S.H. – Single Malt and Single Hop balance

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  • Dark Mild

    Dark Mild

    A hint of dark roasted malt and deep-amber crystal malt provide a burnt caramel flavor with a touch of brown sugar.

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  • Beekeeper’s Honey Saison

    Beekeeper’s Honey Saison

    The sweetness of local honey balanced with the lemon citrus flavor of Sorachi Ace hops.

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  • Berry Merry Holiday Ale

    Berry Merry Holiday Ale

    Our Amber Ale infused with cranberry, clove, and orange. The perfect holiday brew.

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