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Kegs & Draught at Home


Does Cape Cod Beer rent kegs to the public for parties and events?


1/6 Barrels of the Year Round are $100 and Seasonal Brands are $120 with a $125 refundable deposit.  Year Round and Seasonal Brands include:

We have pump taps available for a $10 plus tax rental fee with a $75 deposit.  Pump taps are subject to availability.
We do not typically sell kegs of specialty beers as these are very limited in volume.

Personal kegs are available to the public with 48 hours notice and based on availability. This means during busier times or when we have a limited supply of a particular beer there is a chance that we may have to say NO to personal kegs of that style or altogether. Once we have agreed to reserving you a personal keg we will do everything within our power to get you that beer.

To reserve a personal keg please call our retail staff at 508-790-4200 and press 4 for Retail.

A 1/6 barrel keg (log) holds about 660 ounces of beer.  That is about 41 16oz beers or about 66 10oz beers. The size of the glass or plastic cup you chose for your event will effect your yield. We do have official Cape Cod Beer  cups (16oz and 10oz) for sale at the brewery.

Yes, you do. Kegs must be kept cold – on ice while being served unless you have a refrigerated draught system. A log of beer will fit in a large fishing cooler for storage but must be upright to serve. Most people use a trash barrel and put ice around the outside.

You can schedule time for a keg pickup weekdays anytime during retail hours EXCEPT during our daily tour.  Retail hours are as follows:

Daily 12-6pm

No personal kegs will be sold during our tour time – between the hours of 11am and 12 noon.  We do not do weekend keg pickups. Please plan accordingly.

Quite often we convince people who are having parties to bypass the keg and buy cans and/or growlers. WHY? Because you can have a lot more diversity of brands when you by cans and or growlers than one keg of beer. Also, if you don’t kick the keg, the kegged beer will be flat the following day unless you are serving it on Co2. Unopened cans and growlers can be stored cold and served for months after your event. The same can not be said for kegged beer.

10 growlers gives you are the same amount of beer as a 1/6 bbl. 10 new growlers of year round beers costs: $150 – 10 refills costs $90.

10 four packs of cans also gives you about the same volume of beer – at a price range of $102-$152 with the convenience of cans. Both cans and growlers allow you to offer your guests a variety of beers – so that you have something for everyone instead of one keg of one brand. Determine what option best fits your needs.

We really appreciate the timely return of our cooperage. Please note that even though we take a $125 deposit we would prefer to actually have the KEG back instead of your deposit money. Same thing goes for pump tap rentals.  Even though we take a $50 deposit we would prefer to actually have the PUMP TAP back instead of your deposit money.  Please do not rent kegs if you can’t bring them back in a timely manner. We get frustrated with people who hold kegs for a six months or year at a time – and it happens way more often than we like, which is why we are mentioning it here. The failure to return a keg on a timely basis will lead to us to not rent kegs to you again. Sorry. Our cooperage has great value to us when we can use it and none when it is left in your garage over the winter.

If you use a credit card for a deposit you must bring the same credit card back for the return. Failing to do so will cause you to be charged a $25 fee. If you write us a check for your deposit we will cash that check and refund you in cash upon the return of the keg. We do this because checks expire so holding them is not a good form of deposit for us.

We often get calls about where to fill CO2 for home draught systems. The only place on the Cape that does it is:
15 Nightingale Lane, Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: (508) 775-5001

People often want to know how to have Cape Cod Beer at their wedding or large event here on Cape Cod. If you are hosting a private party in your own home then you can purchase beer from us at the prices listed above. If you are hosting your event at a venue with a liquor license or are using a caterer that is handling your alcohol then the beer purchase must go through them. We can sell you beer either at wholesale (with a license) or retail (without) prices. We do not typically rent draught serving equipment and we do not typically staff events or pour beer directly for private events.

Keg Request Form

This is the form used to request a person keg. Please note that using this form does not guarantee that a keg of certain size of style will be available. Personal kegs are subject to availability, especially during times of high demand.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I understand that I must bring valid ID with me to pickup this beer and that I must be 21+ years of age.
  • I understand that there is a $125 deposit on each keg and a $50 deposit on each pump tap.
  • I understand that personal kegs are provided on an “as available” basis and that my request in not guaranteed to be honored until I received an email conformation that the keg is available.
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