Port-O-Vino 2011

Port-O-Vino coming once again…December 27th.

What is PORT-O-VINO you ask?!

Port-O-Vino is a “Seaside Collaboration” between Cape Cod Beer and Truro Vineyards.

Back in the spring of 2010 we were gifted an oak barrel by Dave Roberts Jr., Winemaker at Truro Vineyards.  Previously, this barrel had been used for aging Merlot, but we decided to put it to a different use – Aging Beer!  So we filled it with Porter and set it aside to age for a while.  We released the first Port-O-Vino in December of 2010…and it was so popular we decided to do it again!

According to Brewmaster Todd Marcus:  “If you think red wine and chocolate go well together, then you’re goining to LOVE Port-O-Vino!  The residual flavor of the merlot from the barrel really compliments the chocolate malt we use in the Porter.   The oak also adds a subtle vanilla character.  It’s outstanding.”

Available in champagne bottles only.. and only at Cape Cod Beer.  $14 per bottle. limit 2 per customer.  Sorry, we can not hold beer for anyone!

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