Pumpkin Coffee Dunkel

Pumpkin Coffee Dunkel

Availability: October 23rd – until gone.

Style: Dunkel-Weizen (Unfiltered Bavarian Dark Wheat Beer) infused with Pumpkin Coffee from Cape Cod Coffee

Description: Malty with sweet tones, and just the right amount of pumpkin spice!

Dunkel-Weizen is a complex malty wheat beer. This darker style beer has a unique banana bread character. Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern Germany wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means “dark”) with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. The color is a cloudy (unfiltered) medium brown with the usual clove and fruity (banana) character that comes directly from the yeast.

The Cape Cod Coffee Pumpkin Spice Coffee that is infused in this beer is a medium body coffee with sweet creamy flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin, and pairs perfectly with the Dunkel Weizen.

OG: 13.4 °P (1.054SG)   ABV: 5.4%   IBUs: 25

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Dark Munich, Melanoidin, Chocolate, Crystal

Hops: Perle

Food Pairing: Roasted meats, German, Mexican

Awards: 1st Place in the category of Wheat Beer at the 12th Great International Beer Competition, 3rd Place in the category of German Wheat Beer at the 16th Great International Beer Competition, and 3rd Place in the category of Wheat Beer at the 18th Great International Beer Competition

Packaging (subject to availability): draft only