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Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

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Team O’Big Wheels-The Last Gasp

We want you to COMMIT to RIDE the LAST GASP with Team Cape Cod Beer

What is the LAST GASP?

The LAST GASP is the quintessential Cape Cod Funraiser!  Put on by the Cape Cod Charitable FunRaiser the LAST GASP is a bike ride from Sandwich to Provincetown where the riders collect funds for their favorite Cape Cod Charities, including:

You can ride for your favorite.. or split your fundraising amongst all 8

When is it?

The LAST GASP takes place on Sunday September 14th – all day.  We have team rides on Wednesdays throughout the summer..and try to get together when we can – we know everyone is busy – so team rides are not a requirement.. but help get you motivated and in shape.

Just as a note – riding at all is NOT a requirement.  There are plenty of “GASPERS” that are “virtual riders”.  Seriously if you don’t want to ride – but are willing to raise the money we are happy to have you!

How much do I have to raise?

To ride on the 2014 TEAM CAPE COD BEER you must PLEDGE TO and then RAISE a MINIMUM Of $1,250 or more.  This is new for 2014.  After years of having MASSIVE teams ( 60 riders) where no one knew each others names we have decided in 2014 to have a TEAM of BIG WHEELS.  Big wheels are super special and having a team of big wheels would be super cool.  Raising $1,250 is not difficult if you are willing to do a bit of work.

Team Cape Cod Beer has raised the following over the last three years:

  • 2013: $53,071
  • 2012: $55,295
  • 2011: $45,141

What if I can not raise $1,250 or more 

If the BIG WHEEL challenge is too much for you – we ask that you not sign up to ride with our team.. you are welcome to ride the LAST GASP – in fact we encourage you to find a team to join or make your own!

How do I sign up for TEAM CAPE COD BEER?

First you sign yourself up here

then you come back and use the form at the bottom of this page!

PLEASE NOTE that we have cut  off Team Cape Cod Beer sign ups on August 20th.. After that date we will no longer be accepting Riders on our team.  This allows us ample time to get shirts etc for everyone on the team.  

Then WHAT?

  • Read our 2013 Training Guide (this will be updated shortly.. but still has good info)
  • Consider joining or at least checking out Cape Cod Cycling Club (C4)
  • Start Raising MONEY.
  • Read the emails we send you are TEAM related things.
  • Consider donating something to the SUMMERFEST AUCTION to raise money for your ride.
  • Save the Date on your calendar for the SUMMERFEST EVENT – FRIDAY July 11th
  • Show up for our TEAM CAPE COD BEER KICKOFF MEETING (date to be announced)
  • Join our facebook group
  • Get some friends to join you in your ride??


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