Dry Hopped Big Sea Saison

Dry Hopped Big Sea Saison

Availability: July 21 & July 22 ONLY

Style: Traditional Farmhouse Ale


Big Sea Saison is a single-hopped farmhouse ale that features Sorachi Ace, a hop that was originally developed in Japan. This hop is cultivated from the famed Brewer’s Gold and Saaz hops and is known for its lemony flavor. The beer has a bright citrus overtone matched with an effervescent, dry finish, a hint of pepper and a little bit of funk. We’ve  dry-hopped this beer with even more Sorachi Ace to enhance the aroma of fresh cut lemons, pepper & herbs. The silky smooth texture and lemon tones make this a perfect summer treat!

OG: 11.0°P  ABV: 5.25%   IBUs: 18

Malts: Pilsner, Vienna & Wheat

Hops: Sorachi Ace

Dry Hops: Sorachi Ace

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery

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