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Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

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Insect Repelling Dryer Sheets


Treat your clothes to repel ticks and mosquito’s WITHOUT POISONS!

Help protect your whole family from ticks & mosquitoes in a natural way!

Choose from: 
Spray Repellent, Repellent & Sunscreen combo, and Dryer Sheets!

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Cape Cod All Natural Dryer Sheets is the newest development. Cape Cod All Natural is proud to have found a way to put their tick and mosquito repelling essential oil formula into a clothing treatment.  The heat from you dryer releases the formula into the clothes.  These dryer sheets leave your clothing feeling and smelling awesome. NO MORE BRINGING TICKS ON YOUR CLOTHES INTO YOUR HOME ESPECIALLY advisable TO USE ON SOCKS, PANTS and EVEN SNEAKERS.

Cape Cod All Natural is dedicated to bringing you the best products at that best value. Would you like to SAFELY and effectively protect your family and the environment? All of the products share a specific essential oil formula which has been proven to be extremely effective at repelling ticks and mosquito’s. The repellents are formulated to keep ticks and mosquito’s away from you in the first place! Their products do NOT contain poisons, allergens, or harmful skin irritants (solvents). As a matter of fact these products are actually good for your skin! As an added bonus they even smell great!

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